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Focal Dystonia Study: Peter W. Iltis

Electromyographical Characterization of Embouchure Dystonia in French Horn Players

¬†Subjects in this study were recruited from the French horn players at the Aspen Music Festival in June of 2004.  The research focused upon the establishement of proper methods for obtaining reliable EMG data during a simple performance task.  In short, subject were asked to play three notes spanning the low, middle, and upper range of the instrument.  The trial below shows the subject performing four iterations of a high g.

This image shows the electrodes positioned over the levator labii superioris and the depressor anguli oris muscles, and the graphs to the right depict the signals obtained from these muscles as well as the audio signal obtained from the French horn.

A slide show of the research is coming soon
: To view a movie of a horn trial, click the links below:
  Show Normal Performance Movie
  Performance with Tremor Movie

Last Updated: February 2, 2004

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