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Gordon's Chemistry Faculty are committed to enabling students in the study of chemistry while engaging in issues of ethics and stewardship. Students are taught that science is a process understood through research methods, the findings of which must be communicated well in both oral and written forms. Students are exposed to the whole of science so they will be prepared for graduate and professional programs as well as for the workplace. Faculty encourage students to be involved in research, practical training and experience either on campus or at cooperative job training or internships. The department seeks to prepare students to serve as well-educated Christians in a secular world, engaging in careful thought about the relationship of chemistry to the Christian faith. Green is in and we are committed to teaching about and promoting green chemistry.


Our offices are in the Ken Olsen Science Center. 

Name Office WebLinks
Irvin Levy (Department Chair)
KOSC 209
Joel Boyd
KOSC 210
Dwight Tshudy
KOSC 203
Arica Demme
KOSC 216

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Hans Weiditz

(fl. early 16th century) An Alchemist , c. 1520


C Gesner

l A200. Engraving

The Practice of the New and Old Physicke , London, 1599

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