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Associate Professor of Philosophy and Education

Frost 310


  • B.A. University of South Carolina
  • M.A. Covenant Theological Seminary
  • Ph.D. Saint Louis University

Ian DeWeese-Boyd is an Assistant Professor in the Philosophy Department.  He has taught at Gordon since 1999.

Dr. DeWeese-Boyd's teaching and research interests include the problem of evil, moral psychology, self-deception, freedom of the will, aesthetics and philosophy of education.  He is also interested in using fiction for philosophical reflection, exploring, for example, the concept of patriotism in Wendell Berry's fiction and that of utopia in Jorge Luis Borges'.

Ian and his wife Margie, who is Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology and Social Work at Gordon, in addition to teaching also share responsiblity for the care of their two children, Jesse and Aida.  They attend Christ Episcopal Church in Hamilton.




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