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   Biblical Studies Lecture Series
    (now located at  
    Get Lost in Jerusalem [virtual reality]
    Bible OT Quizzer

      Total list of all questions in text format (2300 pgs):
            Web *.html; Word *.docx; Acrobat *.pdf

      Bible NT Quizzer
      Bible NT Quizzer -- Hint Enabled

    Old Testament Lit (BCM 101 Spring 20)

    Old Testament Lit (BCM 101) Summer

New Testament Lit (BCM 103 Spring 20)


   George Whitefield

   Mastering NT Greek Interactive

    DASV [Digital American
           Standard Version, 2012]

   Spiritual Formation (BCM 496)
Old Testament eSources

    History (Josh-Esther).
    Song of Songs,

New Testament eSources
    Articles ordered by author
    Articles ordered by book
    Picture Scripture print format
    Picture Scripture PowerPoints
    Picture Scripture Interactive

New England Religious Hist.

    Old Testament Lit (BCM101) Summer

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New web site with the Biblical Studies Lecture Series is up at:

Fun: Gordon College Walk Thru VR

"Tensions of Shalom" Convo
Message 8/31/07 [*.mp3 Audio]

Solomon's Temple Prayer (1 Kgs 8) (*.docx) (*.pdf) (*.html)
  (To be presented at IBR in Atlanta, Nov 20, 2015)

Welcome!  This site has been developed in order to provide solid biblical studies materials freely to all of the Internet community.

This site will also seek to creatively experiment with the digital medium and harness its potential for the glory of God and the good of others--especially my students.

Jesus always spoke the language of the people. The Christian faith needs to be expressed via the digital medium which is the native tongue of many of our students and denizens of the twenty-first century.

The site focuses on four fields of interest :
    Old Testament,
    New Testament,
    Greek language learning and New England Religious history source documents.

My area of expertise is Hebrew poetry, Proverbs in particular, and the integrating biblical studies and technology.

My desire is to make solid biblical studies resources available to anyone who has the desire to learn at anytime and anywhere in the world especially those
who unable economically or geographically to
access such resources.

Invitation to contribute: It is an open site so if you have information, texts, audio, video, learning games you think would be consistent with the site as presented here, please feel free to make suggestions to

Dr. Ted Hildebrandt
Gordon College
Biblical Studies Dept.
255 Grapevine Rd.
Wenham, MA 01984



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