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Ecclesiastes Bibliography: (39 pages; 7/2003)

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            Beldman, Dave. "Bibliography on Ecclesiastes for Craig Bartholomew's
                Commentary on Ecclesiastes," Dec. 2007.


                    Dr. Fred Putnam

Messages from Dr. Fred Putnam on Ecclesiastes
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  Fred Putnam, "All in a Life's Work," Eccles. 2:1-11   *.mp3 31 mins. [Audio].

  Fred Putnam, "Hating Life," Eccles. 2:12-16   *.mp3 24 mins [Audio].
  Fred Putnam, "In All the Wrong Places,"  Eccles. 2:24-26  *.mp3 28 mins. [Audio].
  Fred Putnam, "Each in Its Turn, Turn, Turn," Eccles. 3:1-9 *.mp3 30 mins. [Audio].
  Fred Putnam, "Be Happy, Be Good," Eccles. 3:12-13 *.mp3 27 mins. [Audio].
  Fred Putnam, "All the Way Down," Eccles. 3:14-15  *.mp3 25 mins. [Audio].
  Fred Putnam, "Where is Justice?" Eccles. 3:15c-17 *.mp3 29 mins. [Audio].
  Fred Putnam, "Who (Really) Knows?" Eccles. 3:18-22 *.mp3 25 mins. [Audio].
  Fred Putnam, "Ecclesiaste 4:1-3; 5:8-9,"  *.mp3 28 mins. [Audio]
  Fred Putnam, "On Work (Again)," Eccles. 4:4-8 *.mp3 28 mins. [Audio]
  Fred Putnam, "Going it Alone?" Eccles. 4:9-12 *.mp3 28 mins. [Audio]
  Fred Putnam, "Politics as Usual ... for Now," Eccles. 4:13-16 *.mp3 34 mins. [Audio]
  Fred Putnam, "Hope and Politics," Eccles. 4:15-16 *.mp3 30 mins. [Audio]


Ecclesiastes Book, Theses and Dissertations

Barton, George, A. The Book of Ecclesiastes (New York: Charles
          Scribners and Sons, 1908) [212 pages]
          Google Book

Fields, Weston W. "Ecclesiastes: Qoheleth's Quest for the Meaning of Life,"
           Th. M. Thesis, Grace Theological Seminary, 1975. [226 pages].
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Jastrow, Morris. A Gentle Cynic: Being a Translation of the Book
          of Koheleth
(Philadelphia: J. B. Lipponcott Co., 1919)[255 pages]
          Google Book

Genung, John F. The Hebrew Literature of Wisdom in the Light of To-Day
(Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1906)[409 pages]
          Google Book

Moulton, Richard G. Ecclesiates and The Wisdom of Solomon (New
           York: The Macmillan Co., 1902) [199 pages]
           Google Book


Plumptre, E. H. Ecclesiastes or The Preacher (Cambridge:
          At the University Press, 1881)[271 pages]
          Google Book

Stuart, Moses. A Commentary on Ecclesiastes (New York:
          George Putnam, 1851)[249 pages]
          Google Book


Ecclesiastes Articles

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Brindle, Wayne A. "Righteousness and Wickedness in Ecclesiastes 7:15-18,"
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Caneday, Ardel B. "Qoheleth: Enigmatic Pessismist or Godly Sage?" Grace
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Taylor, Thomas V. "Commentary on Ecclesiastes,"  (4 Lectures,
         delivered by this former Professor at Biblical Theological Seminary,
         Hatfield, PA, 197?).  These lectures are hosted on the
         IBRI [Interdisciplinary Biblical Research Institute; IBRI at]

         Part 1: Prologue and First Discourse      
         Part 2: Second and Third Discourse
         Part 3: Fourth Discourse and Epilogue
         Part 4: Themes of Ecclesiastes