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The articles below are located at Gordon College (Wenham, MA). Below that is a listing of other articles on Genesis located elsewhere on the web.
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R. Laird Harris, 18 Lectures on Leviticus

            Lecture 1: [*.mp3 audio] Introduction
Lecture 2: [*.mp3 audio]
Lecture 3: [*.mp3 audio]
Lecture 4: [*.mp3 audio]
Lecture 5: [*.mp3 audio]
Lecture 6: [*.mp3 audio]
Lecture 7: [*.mp3 audio]
Lecture 8: [*.mp3 audio] Ordination of Aaron and his sons
Lecture 9: [*.mp3 audio] Lev. 16:18ff
Lecture 10: [*.mp3 audio]
Lecture 11: [*.mp3 audio] Lev. 11, 14 Unclean food
Lecture 12: [*.mp3 audio] Clean and unclean animals
Lecture 13: [*.mp3 audio] missing
Lecture 14: [*.mp3 audio] Laws of Hygiene
Lecture 15: [*.mp3 audio] Blank
Lecture 16: [*.mp3 audio] Bland
Lecture 17: [*.mp3 audio] Lev. 26 Hebrew Numerals, Name of God
Lecture 18: [*.mp3 audio] Sabbatical year and Jubilee
Lecture: Jerusalem Priesthood [*.mp3 audio]




  Leviticus Books and Articles Available

    Scanned and edited by Ted Hildebrandt



Taylor, Thomas V. "Leviticus Commentary" 5 audio lectures (*.mp3)
       Retired professor from Biblical Theological Seminary,

       Graciously provided by the Interdisciplinary Biblical Research Institute
       www.ibri.org     Audio (*.mp3)





Bonar, Andrew A.  A Commentary on the Book of Leviticus Expository and Practical, with Critical Notes. 4th ed. London: J. Nisbet, 1861.

          *.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]   

Kurtz, J. H. Sacrificial Worship of the Old Testament. Edinburgh: T. & T. Clark [reprinted Baker, 1980], 1863.

          *.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]   

Barrick, William D. "Leviticus 26:  Its Relationship to Covenant Contexts and Concepts." Th. D. dissertation. Grace Theological Seminary, 1981.    

*.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]  




      [Leviticus Article Collection in one 420 page file:   PDF (3.0mb)  *.doc ]

Barrick, William D. “The Eschatological Significance of Leviticus 26.”

Paper presented at the National Evangelical Theological Society,

Nov. 1999.

          *.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]   

---. “Inter-Covenantal Truth and Relevance Leviticus 26 and the Biblical Covenants.” 1999.

          *.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]   

Cole, H. R.  “The Sabbath and the Alien,” Andrews University Seminary

          Studies 38.2 (Autumn 2000) 223-29.      

          *.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]   

De Young, James.  “A Critique of Prohomosexual Interpretations of the Old

          Testament Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha,”  Bibliotheca Sacra 147

          (588) (1990) 437-54.   

          *.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]   

Feinberg, Charles L.  “The Scapegoat of Leviticus Sixteen,”  Bibliotheca

          Sacra 115 (1958) 320-33.     

          *.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]   

Gardiner, Frederic.  “The Relation of Ezekiel to the Levitical Law,”

          Journal of Biblical Literature 1 (1881) 172-205. 

          *.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]   

Helm, Robert.  “Azazel in Early Jewish Tradition,”  Andrews University

          Seminary Studies, 32.3 (Autumn 1994) 217-26.  

          *.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]   

Hanson, K. C. "Blood and Purity in Leviticus and Revelation,"
           Listening: Journal of Religion and Culture 28 (1993) 215-30.

Hubbard, R. L. “The Go’el in Ancient Israel:  Theological Reflections

          on an Israelite Institution,”  BBR 1 (1991) 3-19. 

          *.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]  

Hugenberger, Gordon. " Questions and Answers on Issues Related to
          Homosexuality and Same-Sex Marriage," Park Street Church,
          Boston, MA.

Hui, Timothy K.  “The Purpose of Israel’s Annual Feasts,”  Bibliotheca

          Sacra 147 (1990) 143-54.  

          *.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]   
          *.mp3 [Audio]   

Jastrow, M. "The So-Called 'Leprosy' Laws." Jewish Quarterly Review

(1913-14) 357-418.

          *.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]   

Key, Thomas and Robert Allen.  “The Levitical Dietary Laws in the Light

          of Modern Science,”  Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

          26 (1974) 61-64.     

          *.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]   

Klingbeil, Gerald.  “The Anointing of Aaron: A Study of Leviticus 8:12

          In Its OT and ANE Context,”  Andrews University Seminary Studies

          38.2 (Autumn 2000) 231-43.        

          *.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]   

Leder, Arie C. and David A. Vroege.  Reading and Hearing Leviticus,”

          Calvin Theological Journal 34 (1999) 431-42.   

          *.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]   

Master, John R. "The Place of Chapter 24 in the Structure of the Book

          of Leviticus," Bibliotheca Sacra 159 (Oct. 2002) 415-24.
         *.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]   

Masterman, E. "Hygiene and Disease in Palestine in Modern and in Biblical

Times. (Pt 1)," Palestine Exploration Quarterly 50 (1918): 13-20. 

          *.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]   

Masterman, E. "Hygiene and Disease in Palestine in Modern and in Biblical

Times. (Pt 2)," Palestine Exploration Quarterly 50 (1918): 56-71.

          *.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]   

Masterman, E. "Hygiene and Disease in Palestine in Modern and in Biblical

Times. (Pt 3)," Palestine Exploration Quarterly 50 (1918): 112-19.

          *.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]   

Moore, M. “Haggo’el:  The Cultural Gyroscope of Ancient Hebrew

          Society,” Restoration Quarterly 23 (1980) 27-35. 

          *.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]   

Paton, Lewis B.  “The Holiness-Code and Ezekiel,”  The Presbyterian and

          Reformed Review 26 (1896) 98-115.   

          *.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]   

Peritz, Ismar J.  “Woman in the Ancient Hebrew Cult,”  Journal of Biblical

          Literature 17 (1898) 111-48. 

          *.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]   
Phillips, Elaine. "Thinking Biblical about Homosexuality," Presentation
          Gordon College, Wenham, MA 01984 on April 10, 2007.
            *.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]   

Rodriguez, Angel M. “Leviticus 16: Its Literary Structure,”  Andrews

          University Seminary Studies 34.2 (Autumn 1996) 269-86.  

          *.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]   

Ryrie, Charles C.  “The Cleansing of the Leper,”  Bibliotheca Sacra 113

          (1956) 262-67.     

          *.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]   

Strawn, Brent A.  “The X-Factor: Revisioning Biblical Holiness,”

          The Asbury Theological Journal 54.2 (Fall, 1999) 73-92.   

          *.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]   

Ukleja, P. Michael.  “Homosexuality and the Old Testament,”

          Bibliotheca Sacra 140 (1983) 259-66.     

          *.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]   

Unger, Merrill F.  “The Significance of the Sabbath,”  Bibliotheca Sacra

          123 (1966) 51-59.    

          *.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]   



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11QPaleoLev (11Q1) – Leviticus scroll; image, commentary, and sample of

          translation from Qumran Dead Sea Scrolls at the Library of Congress



Brooks, Gene.  Introduction to Leviticus



Brown, Walter E.  Review of “Milgrom, Jacob Leviticus 1-22: A New  

Translation with Introduction and Commentary (Doubleday, 2000)” in Review of Biblical Literature (2002)



Calvin, John.  Commentaries on the Four Last Books of Moses



Clarke, Adam.  Bible Commentary:  Leviticus



Constable, Thomas L.  “Notes on Leviticus” (117 pgs)—Dallas Theological

Seminary Professor. 



Daniels, Ron.  Leviticus Bible Studies (14) Calvary Bible Chapel.



De Roo, Jacqueline C. R. “Was the Goat for Azazel Destined for the Wrath

          of God?”  Biblica 81 (2000) 233-42.



Deffenberger, Bob  Leviticus:  Sacrifice and Sanctification (22 Bible




Douglas, Mary.  Review of “Milgrom, Jacob. Leviticus 23-27:  A New
          Translation with Introduction and Commentary (Doubleday, 2001),”
          in Review of Biblical Literature (2002)



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          Schlachtopfer und Gemeinschafts-Schalchtofper,” Biblica 83.1 (2002)




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Guzik, David.  Commentary on Leviticus.



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          published in Listening:  Journal of Religion and Culture 28 (1993)




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International Standard Bible Encyclopedia—online



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Judaism 101—Times – Jewish Calendar and Feasts



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Hebrew Scriptures 2 (1999) ejournal



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          holiness code.



Law, Henry.  The Gospel in Leviticus (London:  Religious Tract Society,

1854) full text; Grace Gems ministries. 



Leviticus.  Text from various versions of the Bible.

          Bible Gateway:  http://bible.gospelcom.net/


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Leviticus and Numbers:  An Annotated Translation (Brown

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          Aussatzigen (Lev. 14, 4-7),”  Biblica 83 (2002) 230-37.



Spurgeon, Charles. “Day of Atonement” sermon in text format



Spurgeon, Charles.  List of Sermons on Leviticus (full text)



Today’s Bible,  Introduction to Leviticus



Wenham, Gordon.  “The Old Testament Attitude to Homosexuality,”

          Expository Times 102 (1991) 259-63. 



Wesley, John.  Explanatory Notes: Leviticus.

          http://www.christnotes.org/commentary.asp?Version=WES  or

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