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Exodus Bibliography (122 pages)




Hopkins, Ezekiel.  An Exposition of the Ten Commandments (New York:  American Tract
      Society, 1690).
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McCabe, Robert C. "Carmen Maris Algosi: An
      Exegetical Study of Exodus 15:1-18 (Th. M.

      Thesis, Grace Theological Seminary, 1981).
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                                    Articles at Gordon
                                   Article Collection  
               [Exodus Article Collection in one 870 page file:   PDF (3.5mb)  *.doc ]

Allen, Ronald B.  "The Bloody Bridegroom in Exodus 4:24-26," 

Bibliotheca Sacra 153 (1996) 259-69. 

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     *.mp3 [Audio]

Bailey, Jon N. “Vowing Away the Fifth Commandment:  Matthew 15:3-

6//Mark 7:9-13,” Restoration Quarterly 42 (2000) 193-209.       

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Barrick, William D.  “The Openness of God:  Does Prayer Change God?”

          The Master's Seminary Journal 12/2 (Fall 2001) 149-166. 

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Beale, G. K.  "An Exegetical and Theological Consideration of the

Hardening of Pharaoh's Heart in Exodus 4-14 and Romans 9,"  Trinity

Journal 5 NS (1984) 129-54.  (Adv)                                         

*.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]

Beitzel, Barry J.  "Exodus 3:14 and the Divine Name:  A Case of Biblical

          Paronomasia,"  Trinity Journal 1.1 (1980) 5-20.   (Adv)            

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Burkitt, F. C. “The Hebrew Papyrus of the Ten Commandments,” 

The Jewish Quarterly Review 15 (1903) 392-408.                     

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Burton, Keith A.  “The Decalogue as Essential Torah in Second Temple

          Judaism,” Journal of the Adventist Theological Society 9/1-2 (1998):


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Cerling, C. E. “Abortion and Contraception in Scripture,  Christian

Scholars Review (Fall, 1971) 42-58.                                          

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Chisholm, Robert B.  “Does God ‘Change His Mind?'” Bibliotheca Sacra  

          152 (October-December 1995): 387-99                                     

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Coats, G. W.  "The Failure of the Hero:  Moses as a Model for Ministry," 

          Asbury Theological Journal 41.2 (1986) 15-22.                        

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Cole, H. R. “The Sabbath and the Alien,  Andrews University Seminary

Studies 38.2 (Autumn 2000) 223-229.                                       

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Congdon, Robert N.  "Exodus 21:22-25 and the Abortion Debate," 

          Bibliotheca Sacra 146 (1989) 132-47.                                      

*.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]

Craigen, Trevor.  Urim and Thummim  Post Graduate Seminar Paper,

          Grace Theological Seminary,  Winona Lake, IN:  1978.             

          *.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]

Davis, John J.  "The Patriarchs' Knowledge of Jehovah,"  Grace Theological

Journal 4.1 (1963)  29-43.                                                        

*.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]

Davis, D. R. "Rebellion, Presence, and Covenant:  A Study in Exodus 32-

34,"  Westminster Theological Journal 44 (1982) 71-87.           

*.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]

Dyer, C. H. "The Date of the Exodus reexamined,"  Bibliotheca Sacra

          140 (1983) 225-43.                                                                   

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Finn, A. H.  “The Tabernacle Chapters,  The Journal of Theological Studies

16 (July 1915) 449-82.                                                              

*.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]

Foote, Theodore C. "The Ephod," Journal of Biblical Literature 21 (1902) 1-47.
          *.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]

Glisson, Shawn D.  “Exodus 6:3 in Pentateuchal Criticism,” Restoration

Quarterly 28.3 (1985/86) 135-43.                                             

*.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]

Grisanti, Micahel A.  “The Abortion Dilemma,  The Master's Seminary

Journal 11/2 (Fall 2000) 169-190.                                             

*.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]

Hendrix, Ralph E.  "A Literary Structural Overview of Exod 25-40,"

          Andrews University Seminary Studies 30.2 (1992) 123-38.        

*.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]

________.  "A Literary Structural Analysis of the golden-Calf Episode

          in Exodus 33:1-33:6,"  Andrews University Seminary Studies

          28.3 (1990) 211-17.                                                                  

*.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]

________.  "Mi kan and 'Ohel Mo'ed:  Etymology, Lexical Definitions,

          and Extra-Biblical Usage,"  Andrews University Seminary Studies

          29.3 (1991) 213-23.                                                                  

*.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]

________.  "The Use of Mi Kan and 'Ohel M' ed in Exodus 25-40,"

          Andrews University Seminary Studies 30.1 (1992) 3-13.           

*.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]

Hoehner, Harold W.  "The Duration of the Egyptian Bondage," 

          Bibliotheca Sacra 125 (1969) 306-16.                                      

*.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]

House, H. Wayne.  “Miscarriage or Premature Birth:  Additional Thoughts

on Exodus 21:22-25,” Westminster Theological Journal 41.1 (1978)

108-23.     (Vid McDaniel below)                                                                               

*.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]

Kennedy, A. R. S. "Shewbread." A Dictionary of the Bible. Ed. J. Hastings.

Vol. 4. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1902. 495-97.        

*.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]

_________. "Tabernacle." A Dictionary of the Bible. Ed. J. Hastings.

Vol. 4. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1902. 653-68.        

*.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]

Klein, David J. “Proving and Provision at Marah,  Kerux 15.1 (2000)


*.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]

Kline, Meredith G.  “The Ha-Bi-Ru—Kin or Foe of Israel? Part 1” 

Westminster Theological Journal 19 (1956) 1-24.                     

*.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]

_________.  “The Ha-Bi-Ru—Kin or Foe of Israel? Part 2” 

          Westminster Theological Journal 19 (1956) 170-84.                 

*.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]

_________.  “The Ha-Bi-Ru—Kin or Foe of Israel? Part 3  Westminster

Theological Journal 20 (1958) 46-70.                                       

*.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]

_________.  “The Two Tables of the Covenant,  Westminster Theological

Journal 22 (1960) 133-46.                                                        

*.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]

Laney, J. Carl.  “God's Self-Revelation in Exodus 34:6-8,  Bibliotheca

          Sacra 158 (Jan.-Mar. 2001) 36-51.                                            

*.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]

Leder, Arie, C.  "The Coherence of Exodus:  Narrative Unity and

          Meaning,"  Calvin Theological Journal 36 (2001) 251-69.        

*.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]

_________.  "Reading Exodus to Learn and Learning to Read Exodus,"

          Calvin Theological Journal 34 (1999) 11-35.                              

*.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]

Lee, Jeong W.  “Introduction to the Ten Commandments,  Kerux 12.1

(1998) 33-40.                                                                           

*.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]
         *.mp3 [Audio]

Livingston, G. Herbert.  "A Case Study of the Call of Moses,"

          Asbury Theological Journal 42.2 (1987) 89-113.                      

*.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]

Mattingly, Gerald L. "The Exodus-Conquest and the Archaeology of Transjordan:
          New Light on and Old Problem," Grace Theological Journal 4.2 (1983) 245-62.
          *.doc [MS Word]*.pdf [Acrobat print]*.html [Web screen]

McDaniel, Thomas F. “The Septuagint has the Correct Translation of
            Exodus 21:22-23” Copyright 2012. (See House above)

Meek, Theophile J. “The Sabbath in the Old Testament,  Journal of Biblical

Literature 33 (1914) 201-12.                                                    

*.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]

Mercer, Samuel A. B. “Merneptah's Israel and the Exodus,” Anglican

Theological Review 5 (1922/23) 96-107                                    

*.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]

Patterson, Richard D.  "The Song of Redemption,"  Westminster

          Theological Journal 57.2 (1995) 453-61.                                  

*.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]

________. "Victory at Sea: Prose and Poetry in Exodus 14-15," Bibliotheca Sacra
          161 (Jan. 2004) 42-54.
          *.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]

Ray, Paul J.  "The Duration of the Israelite Sojourn in Egypt," 

          Andrews University Seminary Studies 24.3 (1986) 231-48.        

*.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]

Rea, John.  "The Time of the Oppression and the Exodus,"  Grace

          Theological Journal 2.1 (Winter, 1961) 5-14.                           

*.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]

________.  "New Light on the Wilderness Journey and the Conquest,"

          Grace Theological Journal 2.2 (Spring 1961) 5-13.                  

*.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]          

Riggs, Jack R.  "The Length of Israel's Sojourn in Egypt,"  Grace

          Theological Journal 12.1 (Winter, 1971) 18-35.                        

*.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]

Shea, William H.  “The Inscribed Tablets from Tell Deir cAlla,” 

          Andrews University Seminary Studies 27.1 (Spring 1989) 21-37.

*.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]

Slater, Thomas B. “The Possible Influence of LXX Exodus 20:11 on

          Acts 14:15,  Andrews University Seminary Studies 30.2 (1992)


*.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]

Sprinkle, Joe M. "The Interpretation of Exodus 21:22-25 (Lex Talionis) and

         Abortion,"Westminster Theological Journal 55.2 (1993) 233-53.

*.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]

Waltke, B. K. "Palestinian Artifactual Evidence Supporting the Early

          Date of the Exodus,"  Bibliotheca Sacra 129 (1972) 33-47.       

          *.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]

          *.mp3 [audio]

Wessner, Mark D.  “ Toward a Literary Understanding of Moses and the

LORD "Face To Face" (MyniPA-lx, MyniPA) in Exodus 33:7-11, 
Restoration Quarterly 44 (2002) 109-16.                                    

*.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]

Wilson, R. D.  "Critical Note on Exodus VI.3,"  Princeton Theological

          Review 22 (1924) 108-19.                                                         

          *.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]

Worley, David R.  “God's Gracious Love Expressed:  Exodus 20:1-17,”

          Restoration Quarterly 14 (1971) 184-204.                                  

*.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]

Young, E. J. "The Call of Moses, Part 1"  Westminster Theological Journal

          (1966-67) 117-35.                                                           

*.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]    *.mp3 [audio]

________.  "The Call of Moses, Part II," Westminster Theological Journal

 30 (1967-68) 1-23.                                                         

*.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]

Zuck, Roy B.  “The Practice of Witchcraft in the Scriptures,” 

          Bibliotheca Sacra 128 (1971): 352-60  

*.doc [MS Word],  *.pdf [Acrobat print],  *.html [Web screen]

                           Articles on the Web
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Ausloos, Hans  “Exod 23, 20-33 and the ‘War of YHWH,” Biblica 80 (1999) 555-63.    http://www.bsw.org/?l=71801&a=Ani15.htm

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__________.  “The Fourth Commandment” Sermon: Project Wittenberg

__________.  “The Fifth through the Seventh Commandments,”  
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__________.  “The Eighth through the Tenth Commandments,”  Sermon:
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Sermons:  Audio:  on Exodus


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