Bible-Robics Rap


Exodus Bible-robics
By Ted Hildebrandt

Bible-Robic Move Descriptions,  Audio Rap (*.mp3)

Slaves in Egypt

        Moses in reeds

Pharaoh’s in the palace

        Murderer flees 


Spent 40 years

Tending sheep

Saw burning bush

Nothing on his feet


“Can’t talk

Don’t know your name

Send Aaron

If it’s all the same”


Moses in the palace

“Let my people go”

Pharaoh’s hardened heart

Shouts “No, no, no”


Stick to snake

Nile turns red

Hail comes down

Causing all to dread


Pharaoh's firstborn

        Smitten dead

Passover blood

Put over head


Consuming fire

        A chariot story

Red sea splits

Showing all God's glory


Water from the rock

Manna from the skies

Jethro says

“Let others advise”


Ten commandments


Laws protect

slaves and lands


God is with us

Tabernacle's built

People rebel

Showing gold calf's guilt

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