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                       Introductory Articles and Materials


                                     Course Resources

Bible-Robics Rap: Book of Genesis in 1 minute (*.html); *.docx; *.pdf; Audio *.mp3


Multiple Choice Content Questions
Fill-in Content Questions
Reflective/Interpretive Questions
Difficult/Dilemma Questions

Dr. Gordon Hugenberger--Genesis Series
           --Park St. Church, Boston, MA: 48 messages on Genesis
Dr. Perry Phillips--Big Bang and the Creation (Flash Video)



Genesis Bibliography (147 pages)

Candlish, Robert S. The Book of Genesis expounded in a series of Discourses
vol. 1 (Edinburgh: Adam and Charles Black, 1868) [470 pages]
       Google Book

Exell, Joseph S. and T. H. Leale. Homiletical Commentary on the Book
      of Genesis
(London: Richard D. Dickinson, 1885) [731 pages]
       Google Book

Girdlestone, Henry.  
Genesis: Its Authenticity and Authoirty Discussed. The
       First Eleven Chapters
(London: James Nisbet & Co., 1864) [204 pages]
       Google Book

Green, William, Henry.  
The Unity of the Book of Genesis (New York: Charles
       Scribner's Sons, 1895). (600 pages)  *.doc  *.pdf  *.html

Manahan, Ronald E.  "A Re-examination of the Cultural Mandate: An Analysis
 Evaluation of the Dominion Materials," (Grace Theological Seminary, Th. D.
       Dissertation, 1982; 356 pages).  *.doc   *.pdf    *.html
Murphy, James G. A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Book of
       Genesis, with a new translation
(Boston: Draper and Holliday, 1867)[519 pages]
       Google Book

Newman, Robert, Perry Phillips and Herman J. Eckelmann, Genesis 1 and the
       Origin of the Earth, 2nd edition 
(2007, IBRI web site, 118 pages)  *.pdf
Pink, Arthur W. Gleanings in Genesis (Chicago: Moody Press, 1922) [406 pages]
       Google Book


                                     Article Collections   
               [Genesis Article Collection in one 1250 page file:   PDF (13.0 mb)  *.doc ]

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                Individual Articles at the Gordon.edu site

Ailing, Charles. "Joseph in Egypt" pt. 1 Bible and Spade
     15.1 (2002) 21-23.
 *.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web], *.mp3 [Audio]

Ailing, Charles. "Joseph in Egypt" pt. 2 Bible and Spade
      15.2 (2002) 35-38.
      *.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web], *.mp3 [Audio]

Ailing, Charles. "Joseph in Egypt" pt. 3 Bible and Spade
     15.4 (2002) 99-101.
      *.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web], *.mp3 [Audio]

Ailing, Charles. "Joseph in Egypt" pt. 4 Bible and Spade
16.1 (2003) 10-13.
      *.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web], *.mp3 [Audio]

Ailing, Charles. "Joseph in Egypt" pt. 5 Bible and Spade
16.2 (2003) 58-61.
      *.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web], *.mp3 [Audio]

Ailing, Charles. "Joseph in Egypt" pt. 6 Bible and Spade
     16.3 (2003) 89-91.
      *.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web], *.mp3 [Audio]

Andreasen, N. E. "Adam and Adapa: Two Anthropological Characters,"
       Andrews University Seminary Studies 19 (1981) 179-94.
       *.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web], *.mp3 [Audio]

Ansell, Nicholas John. "The Call f Wisdom/The Voice of the Serpetn:
         A Canonical Approach to the Tree of Knowledge," Christian
         Scholars Review 31.1 (2001) 31-57.
          *.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web]

Armerding, Carl E. "Biblical Perspectives on the Ecology
      Crisis," Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation
      25.1 (March, 1973) 4-9.
     *.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web], *.mp3 [Audio]

Battenfield, James R. "Atra-Hasis: A Survey" Grace
       Theological Journal 12.2 (1971) 3-22.
 (24 pages, Adv.)
      *.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web]

Bergen, Robert D.  "The Role of Genesis 22:1-19 in the Abraham Cycle: A
      Computer-Assisted Textual Interpretation," Criswell Theological Review 4.2
      (1990) 313-26.  
      *.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web], *.mp3 [Audio]

Bullmore, Michael A. "The Four Most Important
      Biblical Passages For A Christian Environmentalism"
      Trinity Journal 19 (1998) 139-62.   
      *.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web], *.mp3 [Audio]

Busenitz, Irvin A.  “Woman’s Desire for Man:  Genesis 3:16
Reconsidered,  Grace Theological Journal 7.2 (1986) 203-12.
  *.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web]

Buswell, James O. "Is there an Alternative to Organic Evolution?
       Gordon Review (1959) 2-13.  
       *.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web], *.mp3 [Audio]

Cole, Timothy J. "Enoch, a Man Who Walked with God"
      BibSac 148 (July-Sept. 1991) 288-97.
      *.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web], *.mp3 [Audio]

Collins, Jack.  “Discourse Analysis and the Interpretation of Gen. 2:4-7,”
       Westminster Theological Journal 61 (1999) 149-79.
    *.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web], *.mp3 [Audio]

Craig, William L. "Philosophical and Scientific Pointers to Creatio ex Nihilo,"
      Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation 32.1 (March, 1980) 5-13.
      *.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web], *.mp3 [Audio]

Curtis, Edward M.  "Genesis 38: Its Context(s) and Function," Criswell
      Theological Review 5.2 (1991) 247-57.   
       *.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web], *.mp3 [Audio]

Dana, James D. “Creation, or Biblical Cosmogony in the Light of
      Modern Science,  Bibliotheca Sacra 42 (1885) 201-24.
      *.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web]

Davidson, Richard M.  “The Theology of Sexuality in the Beginning:
      Genesis 1-2,”  Andrews University Seminary Studies 26.1 (1988) 5-24.
      *.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web], *.mp3 [Audio]

Davidson, Richard M. "The Theology of Sexuality in the Beginning:
       Genesis 3," Andrews University Seminary Studies 26.2 (1988) 121-31.
       *.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web], *.mp3 [Audio]

DeVries, Ben. "Not One Sparrow Is Forgotten: A Biblical-Theological
        Foundation of Animal Welfare," (2007; Capstone Paper, Trinity
        Evangelical Divinity School). *.doc [MS Word]; *.pdf [Acrobat]

Dilling, David R. "The Atonement and Human Sacrifice,"
      Grace Theological Journal 5 (1964) 24-41.
      *.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web], *.mp3 [Audio]

Estes, Daniel J. "Looking for Abraham's City," Bibliotheca Sacra
      147 (1990) 399-413.
      *.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web], *.mp3 [Audio]

Feinberg, Charles Lee. "The Image of God," Bibliotheca Sacra
      129 (1972) 235-46.
      *.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web]

Foh, Susan T. "What is the Woman's Desire?" WTJ 37
      (1974/75) 376-83.  
      *.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web], *.mp3 [Audio]

Futato, Mark D. “Because It Had Not Rained:  A Study of Gen. 2:5-7 with
      Implications for Gen. 2:4-25 and Gen 1:1-2:3,  Westminster
     Theological Journal 60.1 (1998) 1-21.
*.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web], *.mp3 [Audio]

Green, William. "Primeval Chronology" BibSac 47 (1890)

       *.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web], *.mp3 [Audio]

Grounds, Vernon C. "God's Perspective on Man," Journal
      of the American Scientific Affiliation 28.4 (Dec. 1976)
      *.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web], *.mp3 [Audio]

Hasel, G. F. "The Genealogies of Gen 5 and 11 and Their Alleged
      Babylonian Background," Andrews University Seminary Studies 16
      (1978) 361-74.
      *.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web], *.mp3 [Audio]

Hasel, G. F.  “The Significance of the Cosmology in Gen 1 in Relation
      to Ancient near Eastern Parallels,”  Andrews University Seminary
      Studies 10 (1972) 1-20.
      *.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web], *.mp3 [Audio]

Hummel, Charles E. “Interpreting Genesis One,”  Journal of the
      American Scientific Affiliation 38.3 (1986) 175-85.
      *.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web]

Hyers, M. Conrad.  “The Narrative Form of Genesis 1:  Cosmongonic
      Yes:  Scientific No,”  Journal of the American Scientific
      Affiliation 36.4 (1984) 208-15.
      *.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web]

Kaiser, W. C. "The Promised Land: A Biblical-Historical View,"
      Bibliotheca Sacra 138 (1981) 302-12.
      *.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web], *.mp3 [Audio]

Kline, Meredith.  “Because It Had not Rained,”  Westminster Theological
      Journal 20 (1958) 146-57.
      *.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web], *.mp3 [Audio]

Kline, Meredith.  “The Ha-BI-ru--Kin or Foe of Israel,”  Westminster Theological
      Journal 10 (1957) 46-70.
      *.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web]

Lawlor, John I. "The Test of Abraham Genesis 22:1-19"
      Grace Theological Jouranl 1.1 (1980) 19-35.
      *.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web], *.mp3 [Audio]

Marrs, Rick R. "Sacrificing our Future (Genesis 22)," Restoration
       Quarterly 27.3 (1984) 129-42.
         *.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web], *.mp3 [Audio]

Mathewson, S. D. "An Exegetical Study of Gen 38," Bibliotheca Sacra
      146 (1989) 373-92.

      *.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web], *.mp3 [Audio]

McKenzie, J. L. “Jacob’s Blessing on Pharaoh:  An Interpretation
      of Genesis 46:31-47:26,” Westminster Theological Journal
      45 (1983) 386-99.
*.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web], *.mp3 [Audio]

McKenzie, S. "'You Have Prevailed': The Function of Jacob's Encounter
      at Peniel in the Jacob Cycle," Restoration Quarterly 23 (1980) 225-31.
       *.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web], *.mp3 [Audio]

Merrill, Eugene H. "Covenant and the Kingdom: Genesis 1-3 as Foundation for
       Biblical Theology," Criswell Theological Review 1.2 (1987) 295-308.  
       *.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web]

Middleton, J. Richard. "The Liberating Image? Interpreting
       the Imago Dei in Context," Christian Scholars Review 24.1 (1994)
      *.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web]
Munday, John C. M. "Creature Mortality: From Creation Or
       the Fall?," Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
       35.1 (March 1992) 51-68.
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Newman, Robert. "The Ancient Exegesis of Genesis 6:2, 4"
      Grace Theological Journal 5.1 (1984) 13-36.
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Ouro, Roberto. "The Earth of Genesis 1:2: Abiotic or Chaotic
      Part 1," Andrews University Seminary Studies 36 (1998) 259-76.
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Ouro, Roberto. “The Earth of Genesis 1:2:  Abiotic or Chaotic: Part II,”
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Ouro, Roberto. “The Earth of Genesis 1:2:  Abiotic or Chaotic: Part III,”
      Andrews University Seminary Studies 38 (2000) 59-67.
*.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web]

Phillips, Perry G. "Are the Days of Genesis Longer than
      24 Hours? The Bible Says 'Yes!'" IBRI Research
      Report #40 (1991).
     *.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web], *.mp3 [Audio]

Phillips, Perry G. "The Thrice-Supported Big Bang," Perspectives
      in Science and Christian Faith 57.2 (June 2005) 82-96.
     *.pdf [Acrobat]
     Flash Video of Lecture Presentation, Audio 61 min. *.mp3

Phillips, Perry G. "Did Animals Die before the Fall?" Perspectives
      in Science and Christian Faith 58.2 (June 2006) 146-47.
     *.pdf [Acrobat]

Ronning, John. "The Naming of Isaac: The Role of the
      Wife/Sister Episodes in the Redaction of Genesis"
      Westminster Thelogical Journal 53 (1991) 1-27.
      *.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web], *.mp3 [Audio]

Rooker, Mark F. "Genesis 1:1-3: Creation or Re-Creation? Part 1"
      Bibliotheca Sacra 149 (1992) 316-23.
      *.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web], *.mp3 [Audio]

Rooker, Mark F. "Genesis 1:1-3: Creation or Re-Creation? Part 2"
      Bibliotheca Sacra 149 (1992) 411-27.
      *.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web], *.mp3 [Audio]

Ross, Allen P. "Studies in the Book of Genesis. Part 1: The Curse of Canaan."
      Bibliotheca Sacra 137 (1980) 223-40.
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Ross, Allen P. "Jacob's Vision: The Founding of Bethel."
      Bibliotheca Sacra 142 (1985) 224-37.
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Ross, Allen P. "Jacob at the Jabbok, Israel at Peniel ."
      Bibliotheca Sacra 142 (1985) 338-54.
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Ross, Allen P. “The Dispersion of the Nations in Gen 11:1-9” Bibliotheca
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*.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web], *.mp3 [Audio]

Ross, Allen P.  “The Table of Nations in Genesis 10—Its Content:  Part 3
      Studies in the Book of Genesis,”  Bibliotheca Sacra 138 (1980) 22-34.
*.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web], *.mp3 [Audio]

Rotenberry, Paul. "Blessing in the Old Testament, a Study of Gen. 12:3,"
      Restoration Quaterly 2.1 (1958) 32-36.
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Sailhamer, John. "Exegetical Notes: Genesis 1:1-2:4a," Trinity
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Seely, Paul H.  “The Date of the Tower of Babel and Some Theological
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*.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web], *.mp3 [Audio]

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      to Face' in Genesis 32:23-32," Restoration Quaterly 42.3 (2000) 169-77.

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*.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web], *.mp3 [Audio]


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Zimmerman, Charles L.  “The Chronology and Birth of Jacob’s Children
       by Lean and her Handmaid,”  Grace Journal 13.1 (Winter 1972)

      *.doc [MS Word], *.pdf [Acrobat], *.html [Web]


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OT eSources


See Full Text Articles located all over the web



Ailing, Charles. "Defense of the Historicity of the Joseph Story"

Anubis and Bata: An Egyptian parallel to the story of Joseph and
      Potiphar's wife.    

Barry, Sarah. 25 Devotional Bible Studies on Genesis from the University
      Bible Fellowship of Chicago


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