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Genesis Workbook


                  Genesis Map Exercise

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Genesis Mesopotamia and Israel Maps

Locate the following sites on the Mesopotamia map: (know these)
     Babylon -- important later for Daniel/Nebuchadnezzar
     Ur - Abraham's original home
     Mari - Archaeological site with tablets
     Ugarit - Major tablet finding - time of Judges, like Hebrew
     Ebla - Major tablets from patriarchal times
     Nineveh - Assyria, Jonah goes there
     Haran - Abraham home where his father died, Laban
     Tyre - Important later Ezek, Alexander
     Damascus - Eliezer of Damascus, Abraham's servant
     Mount Sinai - Moses and 10 commandments
     Hazor - Famous large city in Israel
     Memphis - Home of Elvis and Egypt center
     El-Amarna - Archaeological tablet finds there
     Thebes - Major city south Egypt
     Trace the Tigris, Euphrates and Nile Rivers
     Mark the regions: Babylonia, Assyria, Media, Persia, Egypt

Locate the following sites on the Israel map: (know these)
     Shechem - place of an altar
     Bethel - altar, Jacob's ladder
     Jerusalem - Melchizedek (Salem)
     Bethlehem - David and Jesus
     Hebron - Home of Abraham
     Beersheba - Abraham spent time here
     Gerar - Abimelech
     Gaza - Modern and ancient town
     Jericho - battle and walls, Joshua
     Sodom - place of sin and destruction
     Moab region - Lot's descendants
     Edom region - Esau's descendants
     Wadi Yarmuk
     Wadi Jabbok - Jacob's wrestling
     Wadi Arnon - Balaam, Moab boundary
     Wadi Zered - Northern boundary of Edom
     Salt Sea - Dead Sea, Sea of Arabah
     Sea of Galilee - Kinnerth, Jesus liked walk there
     Jordan River - Joshua crossing