1 Kings:  Solomon

United Monarchy:  Saul, David, Solomon 1000BC

Transition of power

Adonijah’s bid for throne--Enrogel

         David’s failure as a father (I Kgs. 1:6)

Nathan & Bathsheba plot (1:11ff)

Bathsheba’s son:  Solomon (1:31, 33)

Solomon’s absence from the narrative: others speak for and about him 1:19, 26, 32, 38, he only seems to speak in “official-ese” contexts

Solomon’s beginnings

David’s advice: law of Moses, Davidic covenantal “if” 2:2ff

David’s hit list (1 Kgs 2)

         Joab (2:5, 28ff),

         Shimei (2:8, 37ff),

         Adonijah [Abishag] (1:52; 2:17ff)

Solomon already wise before dream (2:6, 9)

Solomon at Gibeon

Dream at Gibeon:  3:4f

         Solomon’s humility—child? (3:7)—how old is Solomon?—already has a 1 year old son by an Ammonitess (contra 11:1f)

         Wealth -- why?—ironic reading, Marxist reading and difficulty with wealth, destruction of the heroic/achievement

         Long life – why?   (3:14)

Solomon’s wisdom victory:  2 women & a baby (3:24)

Solomon’s wisdom

Proverbs man -- (4:30ff) comparison cross cultures?

Pharaoh’s daughter 3:1; 7:8; 9:24; 11:1; Prov. wisdom=woman (VW), no temple, no Exodus, Proverbs 22 –Amenemope, wisdom builds her house (9:1ff);

Temple construction: (ch. 5-6) –Hiram’s help—floating cedars of Lebanon, ships

Solomon’s dedication prayer (8:27) 

         on great achievements ( pride or worship)

Solomon’s fame:  queen of Sheba (10:1, 6)

Solomon’s folly

Solomon’s folly:  Pharaoh’s daughter (3:1) + wives/concubines (11:1)
–married before king to Ammonitess???-Rehoboam 41 (1 Kgs 14:21).

Is it possible to turn away? (11:4, 9), temple builder  
 Is Eccles. The answer—he turns back?

On wisdom and folly:  reading Solomon narrative
1 Cor. 1:27; 8:1 knowledge puffs up

Kingdom torn:  11:11f—but for David’s sake

         North:   Jeroboam—ten tribes (Israel/Ephraim)

         South:   Rehoboam—Judah

Kings:  the Divided Monarchy

Israel/Ephraim:  931-722 BC à Assyria [Nineveh]

                   Judah:  931- 586 BC à [Babylon]

The Split--1 Kgs 12

Rehoboam’s mistake:  young versus old

         On advice receiving & learning to listen (12:6ff); Adoniram 12:18

Northern Kingdom = Israel

         All bad kings

Southern Kingdom = Judah—David’s descendants

         Mostly bad:  except Uzziah, Hezekiah, Josiah

Kings of Israel 931-722 BC

Jeroboam --> Nadab

         Baasha --> Elah


Omri à  Ahab à  Ahaziah à Joram

Jehu àJehoahazà Jehoash à Jeroboam II

Hoshea  à Assyria [Nineveh] 722BC
                         (Shalmaneser V/ Sargon II)

Jeroboam (931-910 BC) 1 Kgs 12-14

Golden calves:  Dan & Bethel


Jeroboam (931-910 BC) 1 Kgs 12-14

Golden calves:  Dan & Bethel 12:27ff

Epithet:  taught Israel to sin

Man of God out of Judah

Spectacular prophecy: 1 Kgs. 13:2 Josiah

         Critical response: Prophecy post eventu

         Short range confirmation (altar split)

Short range verifying long range prophecy

         Son dies 14:12 fulfilling short prophecy guarantees long—line will end

Ahab (874-853 BC)  I Kgs 16:29ff

Omri (Ahab’s father) moved capital to Samaria, Mesha & Moabite stone (830 BC) mentions him as do Tiglath-pileser’s annals in Assyria (732 BC) “house of Omri”

Son, Ahab marries Jezebel and Baal worship grows in Israel

King’s denial cycle

         God’s judgment

         Prophets blamed/killed/beat up//false prophets tell what king wants to hear

         No desire to repent or face God’s judgment

Elijah the troubler of Israel (I Kgs 18:17f)

         Projection:  my problem projected onto others

Elijah Prophets of Baal

On Mt. Carmel--storms

Elijah’s call for a decision (18:21)

Baal:  rain god (Ugarit)

Is sarcasm ever appropriate?

         18:27 yes

Why did they cut themselves?

Greatest victory of his life

Jezebel’s power over Elijah

Her threat 19:2

His (Elijah’s) flight  I Kgs 19:3

On a godly man (19:5)

         Depression? On highs and lows

         Wishing for death?

         Existential aloneness 19:10f

Elijah’s 3 anointings to do: Hazael, Jehu, Elishah

Naboth’s vineyard (I Kgs 21:1-16)

Do good guys always win?  -story line

Religious evil  (21:10, 24-25)

God’s judgment (21:19)

Ahab repents (1 Kgs 21:27-29) 

Grace Notes

Dates to know

          Abraham: 2000 BC

          David 1000 BC

          Israel Deported/scattered to Assyria 722 BC

          Judah Deported to Babylon 586 BC

          Return and End of OT (Ezra/Nehemiah/Malachi) 400 BC