General Stipulations

The Ten Words (Deut 5) 

         BIG  LC  SPAMS

Shema (Deut 6:4)

Specific Stipulations:  Institutions in Israel

Prophets (Deut 13:1ff; 18:17ff)

Judges (Deut 16:18)

         Cities of Refuge (Deut 19:2)

Kings (Deut 17:14-19)—like the nations

         Not to ---

         To do --

Priests & Levites:  no land (Deut 18:2f)

How do you go from “then” to “now”

On women wearing pants:  Deut 22:5

Principle of differentiation

Real issue

Does culture impact God’s law?

         Cf. king laws Deut 17:16f

Christ’s view of law

Not come to destroy it (Matt 5:17f)

Uses it to defend himself against Satan (Matt 4)

Greatest command (Matt 22:37f)

Permanence of law (Lk 16:17)

Separation from Pharisaic misinterpretation of the law (you have heard it said, but I say...)

Paul’s view of law

Is Paul opposed to the law?  (Gal 5:4)

Condemnatory nature of law (Gal. 3:10f)

Never justified by law (Gal 2:16;  Rom 4:3)

Holy and good (Rom 7:12)

Pedagogical function:  Gal 3:24 to bring us to Christ

What still stands

Civil, ceremonial and moral division (?)

Universal Principles:  care for poor

         Love God, be holy

Cultural re-particularization:  no Baal, sacrifices, clean/unclean, altars built, unequally yoked

Key: Underlying principle—parapet Dt 22:8

Sermon on Mount as model:  into the heart

Accommodation: Hardness of your heart: Mat 19:8

Canonical continuity or clashing (e.g. dietary laws; Acts 15)

Is law good or bad?  Bad if ...


Security in performance

Externalization of religion

Condemnatory of others


Earning salvation

Is grace good or bad?  Bad if...

Leads to license

Can do anything and I’ll be forgiven

Devaluing of sin

Entitlement – I deserve it

Laws that rattle our bones

War laws:

         Building home exemption:  Dt 20:4ff

         Marriage exemption Dt 20:7

         Give peace a chance Dt 20:10

         Herem?  Dt 20:17f;  7:2 Complete destruction

         Yet plunder (20:14f) of non-combatants 7:3 nations at a distance…

Rape laws (Deut 22:23ff)—city/field, forced marriage? RapeàMarry (22:28)?

Death penalty

         False prophet (Dt 13:10f)

         Idolater (Dt 18:2f)

         Rebellious son (Dt 21:18f)

         Non-virgin that marries (Dt 22:20f)?

Law as values signal not just moral/ legal code

Dismemberment punishments:  Deut 25:11-12

Polygamy laws?  (Deut 21:15)

Slavery laws? (Deut 15:12ff)

Animal treatment laws (Deut 22:10; 25:4; 1 Tim 5:18)

Law and Culture:  Final Questions

The church is not Israel (nation):

What are the differences?

Underlying principle is key

What is the relationship to culture and the expression of the law? –Mat. 19:8,

Law as a values signal

Israel is not America (prisons…)

Canonical context:  continuity (love God/neighbor, 10 commands) and discontinuity/clashes (Acts 15 diet; Sabbath)