Deuteronomy:  Covenant Renewal

Facing Change:

Promise à  Possession

Testing à  Resting

Transientness à Permanence

Space à Place

Is where you dwell important?

Does the “where” question affect behavior and destiny?

Land Concept

Not Merit   Dt. 9:5

Not Effort   Dt. 6:10-11

Promised Land:  Dt. 6:10

Promise --> fathers;  

Possession --> descendants

Participating in a tradition

Land as Gift:   Dt. 6:10-11

God’s choosing, loving and making them special Dt. 7:7f

Good land

Flowing with milk and honey:   Dt. 6:3

Filled land:  Dt. 8:7-10

Satisfying land Dt. 8:10-12

Land of God’s presence:  Deut 12:5

Major Problems:

Forgetting where you came from:  Deut 8:10f

On remembering: 

         House of bondage  Dt 6:12

         Remember you were slaves  Dt 15:15

         Remember God’s deliverance with a mighty hand and out stretched arm (Dt 4:34)

Remembering as basis of praise (Deut 8:10f)

Reflection Question

Where do you dwell?

Do you remember?  (Praise...?)

How do you experience the presence of God in the where and history of which you live?

Moses and Deuteronomy

Deut. as covenant renewal

JEDP theory again:

         J = Jehovah document (850 BC)

         E = Elohim document (750 BC)

         D = Deuteronomy (620 BC)

         P = Priestly writer (450 BC)

Josiah finds (writes?) the book of the law (2 Chr 34:33)

Assyrian Treaties (700 BC)

                                      Hittite      Assyrian
Preamble (title)                X              X

       Historical Prologue          X              0

Stipulations                      X              X

Witnesses                        X              X

Blessings                         X              0

Cursings                          X              X
                               loyalty/trust      fear

Deuteronomy & Treaty Form

Preamble:  Deut 1:1-5

Historical Prologue:  1:6-3:29

Stipulations  (Dt 4:1-11:32)

         General (Dt 4:1-11:32) 

         Specific (Dt 12-26)

Witnesses (Dt 27:2-4)

Curses and Blessings (Dt 28)