What is a Nazirite?        

3 Rules:  Numb 6

No dead body touching

No grape products

No razor

What was the function of the Nazirite?

Person separating himself to YHWH

God over one’s food, family & body

Visible memorial

Giving up things for God

Completion of Nazirite vow


Shave head & burn hair

Samson, Samuel, Paul takes Nazirite vow (Acts 21:24ff)

Jesus not a Nazirite (Nazarene)

Oldest piece of Scripture ever found:  Num 6:23ff; 600 BC not= P (450 BC)

Numbers Cycles


Peoples’ complaint

God’s response

Moses mediates

God relents

Lesson summarized

Mini-cycle:  Numbers 11:1-2

Problem:  Desert Hardships

People’s complaint:  

God’s response:   fire burned in outskirts of camp

Moses mediates:  Moses prays to God

God relents:  fire dies down

Summary:   Place called Taberah because fire of LORD

Why is it the people complain & God judges

Moses complains and God helps him (Num 11:2,10; 11-15)

Complaint versus Lament distinction

Inability of Christians to verbalize lament

Are you supposed to discipline children in anger?

Why does God discipline Israel when He is angry? (Num 11:4ff)

Is anger always wrong?  (conditions; justice issues)

Moses use of rhetorical questions

Can a Christian person ever long to die?

On workaholic Moses:  sharing the load (11:16f)—70 elders ŕ Sanhedrin (Eldad)

What do you think about inter-racial marriage?

What does the Bible say?

Moses and the Cushite wife

Moses and the prophetic function

Miriam and God’s ironic sense of humor

Why not Aaron?

Who wrote Num. 12:3? 

Doesn’t this statement from the pen of Moses sound a little odd? Joshua?

Could a humble person write this?

Does humility really fit the context?

                Another way of looking at it: “oppressed”

Can a human being have impact on God?

Can God change?  Is He static or dynamic?

If He can’t change is it possible for Him to think and interact?  How is relationship possible?

If He is dynamic in what sense or areas can He change?  Is everything up for grabs?

Does God still experience choice? 

Giants in the Land: