††††††††††††††††††††††††††† OT Lit Study Guide #3:† 12/10/15

  1)  Reading: Hosea 1-3, Amos 1-2, Jonah, Dan. 1-6; Isa. 1, 6, 11, 53; Jer. 1-4; Habakkuk 
                Know the stories for: Hos. 1-3; Dan. 1-6; Isa. 1, 6, 53, Jer. 1 and Hab.1 & 3;
                There is Bible Quizzer only for Daniel 1-6 and Hosea.  Will build the quizlet.com
†††††††††††††††† for Dan. & Hosea tonight (Thurs).†            

 2) Memory verses: Isa 53:6; 40:31; review Ps. 139:8, 23-24:



1.† What was a repeated message God gave to Joshua?† What does the book of Joshua say about

††††††††††††††† the transition of leadership? How are Moses and Joshua compared?

2. Why was the taking of Jericho such a major event?† Tie this into the location of Jericho.† On

††††††††††††††† what major trade route is Jericho? How do the Coastal highway and Kings Highway relate
††††††††††††††† to the location of Jericho?

3.† In regard to Rahab, how do you explain God blessing her lie?† How did she use shrewdness to

††††††††††††††† effect the outcome she desired?† What other story does that parallel?

4.† Discuss the drying up of the Jordan.† Natural or supernatural?† What different ways did critics

††††††††††††††† understand the phrase ďuntil this dayĒ in reference to the 12 stones at the Jordan crossing.† How

††††††††††††††† did critics understand this phrase and why?† How did we interpret that phrase showing the book

was written in the life-time of Joshua not 100ís of years later?

5.† What is the significance of Rahab for the NT?†

6.† What do the dating of the walls of Jericho and recent archaeological debate teach us about

††††††††††††††† nature of scientific archaeological data?† How does the Israelite altar on Mt. Ebal† fit into this

††††††††††††††† discussion of Joshua and archaeology?

7.† What 3 things happened at Gilgal?†

8.† What happened in the battle at Ai?† What was Achan's sin?† What is corporate personality and

††††††††††††††† what role does it play in the story of Achan's sin?† How do you explain Achanís family being

††††††††††††††† involved in the punishment of Achanís sin?

9. What was the Gibeonite deception and what problem did it point out in Israel's walk with God?

10.† Discuss the sun standing still incident.† What are several different ways of looking at this event?†

††††††††††††††† What was most unique about that day (according to Scripture)?

11. Where are the tribes of Judah, Dan, Benjamin, and Ephraim?† Where did the Levites live?
††††††††††††††† Where are the following cities in Israel:† Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Hebron, Beersheba, Jericho
††††††††††††††† Gibeon, Dan, Shechem

12.† How do you understand the concept of the holy war (herem)?† How can God have babies killed?†

††††††††††††††† What is the support for the non-resistance position on war and what are some of the objections
††††††††††††††† to it as presented in class.† What was the biblical support for non-resistance/pacifism and
††††††††††††††† the just war theory.
13.† Know the location of the following cities on the Israel map and the location of the regions Moab,
††††††††††††††† Edom and Ammon



1.† What are the steps in the Judges cycle?

2. How would you describe the office of the judgeship in Judges? What role does Judges play in the

††††††††††††††† canon? What were two types of† judgments God used?

3.† How is the judges cycle seen in the life of Ehud?† What was unique about Ehud?† How does

††††††††††††††† the Bible relate violence?

4. Why is the story of Deborah significant?† What does it tell us about the role of women in

††††††††††††††† leadership roles?† How does that fit with Paulís comments in 1 Cor 14 and 1 Tim. 2?† How does

††††††††††††††† one handle conflicts in Scripture itself?†

5.† What do we learn about the will of God from the life of Gideon?† What happened with Gideon and
††††††††††††††† the Midianite warfare?† What do you know about Abimelech, Gideonís son? Are there fables
††††††††††††††† in the Bible?† Give an example.†
6. What is the difficulty in the story of Jephthah and what are two ways of looking at that difficulty?

7. Describe Samsonís vow from birth and the 3 women in Samson's life?† What is the relationship of love
††††††††††††††† and lust? What archaeological evidence supports the final event in Samsonís life?

8. What is the canonical function of the Levite's concubine story?

9. What is the canonical function of the book of Ruth? What is a Levirate marriage?

10. What function do the names play in the story of Ruth?† What roles do men play early in the Ruth story?
††††††††††††††† What is the role of the levirate and Boaz in Ruth?† How does Ruth relate to the larger canonical
††††††††††††††† picture (David)?


1-2 Samuel

1. How is Samuel contrasted to Eli's sons? How was Eli as a man of God versus how he was as a father?
2. What was Eliís relationship to Hannah like?

3. What mistake did Israel make by bringing the ark down to the fight against the Philistines?† When were
††††††††††††††† other times when the ark was used in a war context? Why did the Philistines make golden rats?
††††††††††††††† What are the Philistine Pentapolis cities and where are they located?

4. What do Ebenezer and Ichabod mean and how do they fit into the narrative of the capturing of the ark?

††††††††††††††† How is Ebenezer at least in one instance an anachronism (what is an anachronism?)?

5. Why did Israel not accept Samuel's sons but rather asked for a king?† Was it wrong for Israel to ask for a

††††††††††††††† king? Why/why not?† What was wrong in their asking for a king?

6.† What does 1 Sam. 9:9 suggest about the date of the writing of Samuel?

7.† What does 1 Sam 13:1 teach about the text of the Bible in terms of its inspiration and transmission?

8. In what ways was Saul the people's choice of a king?† Was Saul initially humble?† Why/why not?

9. What fatal problem was Saulís at Gilgal with Samuel?

10. How did Jonathan manifest great faith in his defeat of the Philistines? After Jonathan's victory over
††††††††††††††† the Philistines what do we learn about Saul?† How does that contrast with Saul's treatment of Agag?†

11.† How do you understand Godís telling Samuel to take a bullock to sacrifice so Saul would not kill him?†
††††††††††††††† Was God involved in the deception of Saul? How did we look at that? What are other parallels to
††††††††††††††† this?

12.† What does it mean that God was grieved he made Saul king (15:11, 35)?† How did Davidís brothers

††††††††††††††† misunderstand him?†

13. What do we learn about David and God at his anointing? What was the role of the prophet in selecting
††††††††††††††† kings? What's the first thing that happens in the narrative after David is anointed?†
††††††††††††††† Archaeologically what is interesting about the story about Goliath?
††††††††††††††† How did Saul use his daughter Michal to attempt to kill David?

14. How did David manifest his honoring of the Lord's anointed? Give two examples.

15. What happened at Nob to David and what did Saul do there?

16. What does Keilah teach us about God's knowledge of the future? Are there possibilities with God?† How is
††††††††††††††† David vindicated in the Nabal-Abigail story? What does Nabal mean? What role did Abigail play in
††††††††††††††† the story?

17. What are some issues raised in Saul's use of the witch of Endor to raise Samuel?

18. How does David react to Saul and Jonathan's death?† What does that tell us about David's character?† Who

††††††††††††††† killed Saul (options)? What do such passages suggest about suicide?

19. How do Abner and Mephibosheth manifest David's compassion?† How is David as a person after Godís

††††††††††††††† own heart?

20.† What was the Davidic Covenant and when was it declared by God?† What word plays were involved
††††††††††††††† in the statement of the covenant by God?

21. What character did Absalom manifest in David?† What mistakes did David† make with Absalom?†
††††††††††††††† What was Absalomís relationship like with his sister Tamar and brother Amnon?

††††††††††††††† What statement by Joab showed Davidís character after the death of Absalom which was like

††††††††††††††† Christís?

22. What do we learn about David when he brings the ark to Jerusalem?† How do you understand the story of
††††††††††††††† Uzzah and the ark? What did that event highlight in David's marriage with Michal? Why did David
††††††††††††††† bring the arch to Jerusalem?

23. How does the text heighten the wrongness of David's relationship with Bathsheba (11:1)?† What processes

††††††††††††††† did David go through in repenting (Ps. 51 model)? At what points do people blame Bathsheba?

††††††††††††††† How did we respond to those criticisms?

24.† What conflict arose in Davidís numbering of the people theologically?† What did David purchase
††††††††††††††† and why was that important to stop the plague from destroying the people because of his sin?


1 & 2 Kings

1. Whose son was Solomon? How did he become king over Adonijah his brother?††

††††††††††††††† Why did David give Solomon his hit list (Joab, Shimei)?† How did we prove Solomon had wisdom

††††††††††††††† before he was gifted by God with it?

2. What was Solomon's dream at Gibeon?† What were the results (1 Kgs 3)?

3. How was Solomon's wisdom shown in the text? How did Solomon change the normal literary pattern of 1
††††††††††††††† & 2 Samuel which had a victory right after being anointed?† What things manifested Solomonís

††††††††††††††† wisdom? What was the suggested role of the daughter of Pharaoh in the narrative and in Proverbs?
††††††††††††††† What trouble to Marxist academics have with the story of Solomon and how does that impact how
††††††††††††††† they read the story?

4. What did Solomon build?† Who helped him build it and how did he help? What manifested that Solomon

††††††††††††††† was able to keep his greatest achievements in† proper perspective?† How did Solomon get the cedars

††††††††††††††† of Lebanon to Jerusalem?

5. How did Solomon fall?† Is it possible for someone who knew God and served him to turn away? What are
††††††††††††††† your thoughts on this? How and why was the kingdom of Israel split?† Into what two kingdoms was
††††††††††††††† it divided?† What indication is there that Solomon married foreign women earlier in his life and not

††††††††††††††† just at the end as recorded in 1 Kgs. 11?

6. What blunders did Rehoboam make that precipitated the splitting of the kingdom (young and elders)?

††††††††††††††† Who were the 3 united monarchy kings?

7. What was the sin of Jeroboam that he taught Israel?† Why did Jeroboam do that?

8.† What astonishing prophecy did the man of God out of Judah make to Jeroboam?† How did he/God verify
††††††††††††††† it?† How do liberals handle such a spectacular prophecy? What is prophecy post eventu and why is
††††††††††††††† it a wrong way of looking at predictive prophecy? How does this approach benefit critics?

9.† Who was Ahab's father?† What did Omri do with the capital of Israel? How do we know about Omri
††††††††††††††† from ancient Near Eastern records outside the Bible?

10.† Who was the prophet that prophesied against Ahab? What was the typical relationship between the
††††††††††††††† prophet and the kings?† What was the usual message of the true prophet (in one word) and what one

††††††††††††††† word characterized the false prophetsí message?

11.† What kind of a god was Baal and how did that play into the story of Elijah and the prophets of Baal?
††††††††††††††† Where is Mount Carmel and how does its location/geography play into the story of Elijah and the
††††††††††††††† prophets of Baal dual?

12. When Jezebel threatened to kill Elijah what do we learn about men of God and moods?
††††††††††††††† How did Elijah react to Jezebelís threat to kill him?

13.† What depressed Elijah besides the fact that Jezebel was trying† to kill him? What tasks did God give
††††††††††††††† Elijah after their meeting at Mount Sinai/Horeb?

14.† Describe what religious evil is in relation to Naboth's vineyard?

††††††††††††††† How did Ahab's life manifest God's grace?

15.† When was the Northern Kingdom carried away?† Who did it and how long was that exile?†

††††††††††††††† When did Judah go into exile?† Who did it and for how long was that exile?

16.† 5 DATES:†† Abraham, David,

††††††††††††††† When was the Northern Kingdom carried away and to where?†

††††††††††††††† When was the temple destroyed and Judah carried into exile to Babylon?
††††††††††††††† When does the OT end (Malachi)?
17.† How do the proto-evangelium, Abrahamic and Davidic covenants point forward to Christ?

18.† How does Isaiahís Suffering Servant in Isa. 53 match up with Christ and what do we learn about

††††††††††††††† Jesus from Isaiah 53? What verse did the singular and plural match perfectly with Christís death?

What OT story had the most impact on you and your relationship with God and why?