Framework of the Old Testament (10+1)

                                     P-PEW  C-JU  D-ERA
Primeval History:                Adam and Eve, Noah and the flood, Babel
Patriarchs:                            Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph
Exodus:                                 Pharaoh and the Plagues, Moses and the Sea
Wilderness:                          Covenant at Sinai, Tabernacle, manna

Conquest:                             Joshua Jericho, divides the tribes
Judges:                                  Deborah/Barah, Gideon, Jephthah and Samson
United monarchy:               Kings Saul, David, Solomon, 40, 40, 40

Divided Monarchy:                         Kings of the north all bad (Ahab); kings of the south few
                                                good (Uzziah, Hezekiah, Josiah), North to Assyria; Prophets
Exile:                                     To Babylon, Judah goes, Daniel knows, Ezekiel
Return:                                  Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Jerusalem walls and temple
Apocrypha:                          Maccabees and Epiphanes


5 Dates to know for the OT:
            Abraham:                   2000 B.C.
            David:                        1000 B.C.
            North to Assyria:      722 B.C.
            South to Babylon:    586 B.C.
            Malachi ends it:        400 B.C.