Getting Started with Exodus

B:I:Ex:1 =   B (correct answer); B=Beginning/I=Intermediate/A=Advanced; Ex=Exodus; 1= computer code


1.  What does the title “Exodus” mean in Greek?

            A.        The way out

            B.        These are the names

            C.        And he said

            D.        And he called


2. How does the Greek title Exodus explicate the content of the book of Exodus?

            A.        It describes the crossing of the Red Sea

            B.        It describes the covenant at Sinai

            C.        It describes the deliverance of God

            D.        It describes the way out of Egypt


3. All of the following are part of the great redemption of Israel described in Exodus EXCEPT

            A.        God’s deliverance of his chosen people from bondage in Egypt

            B.        The journey of Israel to Mount Sinai

            C.        The giving of the law to Moses

            D.        The traveling through the desert to Kadesh Barnea

            E.         The dwelling of God with his people


4. Pharaoh attempted to control the population growth of the Israelites in all of the following ways EXCEPT

            A.        Enslaving them

            B.        Exposing the baby boys in the desert

            C.        Having the midwives kill the baby boys

            D.        Throwing baby boys into the river


5.  Moses was from what tribe of Israel?

            A.        Judah

            B.        Ephraim

            C.        Levi

            D.        Benjamin


6. What caused Moses to flee from Egypt?

            A.        He killed an Egyptian taskmaster

            B.        He spoke against the Pharaoh

            C.        He refused to obey Pharaoh’s daughter who had adopted him

            D.        He set a number of slaves free


7. Who adopted Moses?

            A.        Pharaoh

            B.        The captain of the Egyptian guard

            C.        Pharaoh’s daughter

            D.        Potiphar


8. Where did Moses receive his call from the Angel of the Lord?

            A.        At Rephidim in Sinai

            B.        At the spring of Kadesh

            C.        At a burning bush

            D.        At a rock that gave water


9. How did God identify himself at the burning bush?

            A.        God Almighty

            B.        The God of Israel

            C.        I will be with you

            D.        I am that I am


10. What is God’s most sacred name that was revealed to Moses at the burning bush?

            A.        El Shaddai

            B.        Yahweh

            C.        Emmanuel

            D.        Elohim


11. After they crossed the Red Sea what did Miriam praise God for being?

            A.        King

            B.        Warrior

            C.        Shepherd

            D.        Father


12. After what plague did the Israelites leave Egypt?

            A.        The sun going dark

            B.        Locusts

            C.        Death of the firstborn

            D.        The Nile turning to blood


13. Where did Moses receive the law of God?

            A.        On Mount of Olives

            B.        On Mount Sinai

            C.        On Mount Tabor

            D.        On Mount Gilboa


14. What did Aaron do while Moses was up on Mount Sinai receiving the law?

            A.        Made a golden calf

            B.        Made a idol that looked like Pharaoh

            C.        Made a snake out of bronze

            D.        Made a gold Dagon god of Canaan


15. What was the major theme of the tabernacle?

            A.        That God was holy

            B.        That God would lead them through the desert

            C.        That God would dwell among them

            D.        That God would make a way to forgive sin


16. What was in the Holy of Holies area?

            A.        The Altar of Incense

            B.        The Bread of the Presence table

            C.        The Laver

            D.        The Ark of the Covenant

            E.         The Menorah


17. What was the menorah?

            A.        An altar of incense

            B.        A table for holding the bread

            C.        A lampstand

            D.        A place where the sacrificial blood was put


18. How is the “Red Sea” literally translated from the Hebrew?

            A.        Rough Sea

            B.        Reed Sea

            C.        Coral Sea

            D.        Deep Sea


19. What is the advantage of putting the “Reed Sea” crossing through Lake Timsah?

            A.        It is less salty and can grow reeds

            B.        It is closer to Israel

            C.        They have found chariot wheels there

            D.        They are shallow lakes and easier to cross


20. How is the name of God “Yahweh” translated in most English Bibles?

            A.        lord

            B.        Lord

            C.        LORD

            D.        Adonai


21. In the closing chapters of Exodus where was God’s presence manifest?

            A.        In the desert

            B.        On the mountain

            C.        In the tabernacle

            D.        Riding on the clouds


22. What does redemption imply in terms of salvation if Israel?

            A.        The payment of a price

            B.        The covering of sin

            C.        The cleansing of guilt

            D.        The substitution of penalty


23. What form does causitic law take in Exodus?

            A.        Thou shalt not

            B.        If x then y

            C.        Do x and not y

            D.        While x then y


24. What form does apodictic law take in Exodus?

            A.        Thou shalt not

            B.        If x then y

            C.        Do x and not y

            D.        While x then y


25. What set of laws best express the apodictic form that is unknown elsewhere in the ancient Near East?

            A.        The Book of the Law

            B.        The Holiness Code

            C.        The Book of the Covenant

            D.        The Ten Commandments


26. How was Israel to live in the presence of the Lord?

            A.        As a righteous nation

            B.        As a kingdom of priests and a holy nation

            C.        As prophets, judges and a righteous people

            D.        As those who fear God and keep his commandments