Genesis Bible-robics


Creation days,

           Adam and Eve-n

      Garden of Eden,

            but just for a season

Serpent and Sin

            Cain kills him

Noah and the Flood

            Drunk and no bud

Babel’s tower

            Languages flower

Abram leaves Ur

            Sarah lies for sir

God’s promise,

                land, seed and blessing

      Abram’s faith,

                he’s now confessing

Sodom and Gomorrah

            are no more-ah

Hagar’s the surrogate

            Ishmael barely gets

Isaac’s offered up

            God’s ram’s fired up

Jacob’s birthright
            Jacob’s ladder
Jacob’s chosen
            that’s all that matters
Jacob wrestles God at Peniel

            Gets 12 tribes -- Israel

Joseph’s coated

            Sold to Egypt,

    then promoted

Joseph’s in prison

            Interprets dreams,

   To royalty he’s risen

Brothers to Egypt begging

            Evil to good

    – God’s blessing


Genesis Bible-robics Motions


Creation days,                                               Hands to mouth then hands out zap

          hit in forehead for “daze”

           Adam and Eve-n                                Hand on Adam’s apple

    Garden of Eden,                                       Hoeing garden action, 

           but just for a season             

Serpent and Sin                                            Hands together swerve like snake

            Cain kills him                                   3 Punches on the beats of the words

Noah and the Flood                                     Hands on ground, rising to tip toes as

     flood comes up, arms up and out

            Drunk and no bud                            Arms around “buddy” staggering

Babel’s tower                                                Fists one on top of another like building

     tower brick on brick

            Languages flower                             left hand holding pot other hand goes

through as growing flower

Abram leaves Ur                                          Waving good-bye

            Sarah lies for sir                               Saluting “yes sir”

God’s promise,                                             Shaking hands in promise

                land, seed and blessing               Down to touch land, seed—touch

     stomach,  blessing –hold hands up

     and out like pronouncing a blessing

      Abram’s faith,                                         Hands together as in praying

                he’s now confessing                         hands cupped on mouth as if

     shouting is confessing

Sodom and Gomorrah                                 Wave good bye

            Are no more-ah                               

Hagar’s the surrogate                                  Hands on big stomach as if pregnant


            Ishmael barely gets                          Pull out pockets empty

Isaac’s offered up                                        Finger pull on right eye Eye-saac (I-saac)

      Right hand raise with knife ready to


            God’s ram’s fired up                       Fingers making fire up

Jacob’s birthright                                         Turn palms up both hands
            Jacob’s ladder                                              Hands climb ladder
Jacob’s chosen                                             Point finger-choosing
            that’s all that matters
Jacob wrestles at Peniel                              J—hand movement, Wrestling stance

      and hit hips and limp

            Gets 12 tribes  – Israel                     Flash 10 fingers and 2


Joseph’s coated                                            Putting on coat one arm then the other

            Sold to Egypt,                                   Hands together link tied up

    then promoted                              Thumbs under armpits like promoted big

     stuff strutting

Joseph’s in prison                                        Holding onto prison bars

            Interprets dreams,                            Sleep hands on side of head

   To royalty he’s risen                                Jump up

Brothers to Egypt begging                          down on knees as if begging

            Evil to good                                       Thumbs down on both hands turned to

thumbs up

    – God’s blessing                           Hands up in praise