Triumphalism, Suffering and Spiritual Maturity: 2 Cor. 12
By Daniel Akin

1. The book of 2 Corinthians has been compared to what OT book?
2. What type of Christology does Paul develop in 2 Cor. 12?
3. What do the opponents of Paul presumed in opposition to Paul’s Christology of weakness?
4. Of what does Paul make his boast in opposition to his opponents?
5. What two words are used to describe the Gospel message in 1 Cor. 1:18-25?
6. Of what is Paul’s weakness composed as the surest marks of his commendation by the suffering Messiah?
7. Akin associates Paul’s opponents as having a preoccupation with what?
8. How is Paul’s ‘boasting in weakness’ a parody of boasting and ironic?
9. Paul mentions boasting 24 times in 2 Cor. and he couples that with what concept?
10. The weakness Christology can be connected to the theology of the _________ (p. 129)
11. In 2 Cor. how does Paul describe the blessing of God as coming? (How does it not come?)
12. In what way does Paul boast of his own visions but in a kind of rabbinic manner? (p. 131)
13. What kind of rapture did Jewish tradition presume?  What kind did the Hellenistic tradition presume? How do those two differ? (p. 132)
14. Where does the word “paradise” come from?  What was its Persian background?
15. How does Paul’s account of visions differ from other accounts in the ancient world? (p. 134)
16. What experience was related to Paul’s “thorn in the flesh”? (p. 137)
17. What are two interpretations for what Paul’s “thorn in the flesh” was? (p. 138)
18. To what does Akin develop as parallel to Paul’s “weakness Christology” in the life of Christ? At
            what points are there parallels between Paul and Jesus? (p. 139f)
19.  What gnomic conclusion does Paul end and bring his message in 2 Cor. 12 to a climax? (p. 142)
20. On what does Paul not base his ministry? (p. 142)
21. What epitomizes Paul’s weaknesses?
22. How does this weak then strong contrast with modern “Christian” success stories? (p. 143) What
            does this theology of weakness suggest about Christian leadership?