Romans 7:14-25: Pauline Tension in the Christian Life by Dave Dockery

You need to have Romans 7 in mind before reading this article if it is going to make any sense.  
            Feel free to skim this article. Focus on the 4 views and the “Theological considerations” section at the end and be able to answer the following questions.

1. What pronoun is featured 46 times in Romans 7?
2. What shift in verbal tense is made in the middle of chapter 7?
3. Four views:
            a. What is the view of the Greek Fathers, Wesley and others?  To what
                        does this view owe it’s revival in modern theology?
            b.  What is view 2? How does the law play a role in this view?
            c. What is the third view? Among what groups is this view popular? Why does
                        it fit with their outlooks? How does this view connect Romans 7 with
                        Romans 8?
            d. What is the fourth view?  What person and groups have held this view?
                        What view does Dockery opt for?
4. How do all three cycles in Roman 7 end? p. 246 (skip to p. 250)
5. The “law” can also be understood as what else? p. 250
Skip this next section down to--
Theological considerations: How does this fit with the already but not yet tension?
            Between what two things does the Christian experience happen?
            What tension is the believer never freed from?
            With what will the believer struggle with until the end?