Study Guide for:
    David Dockery, “An Outline of Paul’s View of the Spiritual Life”
                                          CTR 3.2 (1989) 327-39.


1. What two things characterize contemporary Christianity?
2. What are three ways folks seek spiritual renewal?
3. Spiritual theology is usually the domain of which denomination or church group?
4. What role does the Spirit play in the initial or beginning stages of one’s Christian life?
            What does “regeneration” refer to?
5. What is Ladd’s distinction between the indicative and the imperative in the life of the
6. To what do adoption and sanctification refer?
7.  To what do illumination and guidance refer in terms of the Spirit?
8. What do Dockery and others see the baptism of the Spirit as referring to?
9. What is the relation of water baptism and Spirit baptism according to many scholars?
10. How does Paul link dying with freedom?
11. What are two ways freedom can be used as a pretext for evil?
12. What are nomos and torah?
13. What does Paul see as the most important motivation for Christian freedom and
            fulfilling the law?
14. For what is everything to be done in the Christian life?  [What is the chief end of
15. Between what two polarities is the Christian life lived out?  How do these polarities relate to the idea of “already/but not yet” and the indicative/imperative? 
16. What are the basic elements of the standard of conduct, aims and goals of this age?
17. What is pneuma (Greek word) or pneumatic theology in reference to a spiritual
18. How does the Spirit impact every aspect of a believer’s life?