†††††††††††††††††††††† The Speeches in Acts by Simon Kistemaker

1. Who are two of the people in Acts that both give 9 speeches each?
2.Who gave the longest speech in Acts before the Sanhedrin?
3.How does Luke present the addresses in the book of Acts?Are they complete
†††††††††† speeches or something else?
4. In Acts 1-15 what coloring does Luke use in his book?In Acts 16-28 to what does his
†††††††††† style of Greek language change?
5. What speech is the most extensive speech in the whole book of Acts? What does this
†††††††††† major speech trace? What does this speech cite over 15 times?
6. Where does Kistemaker surmise that Luke got his material for Stephenís speech since
†††††††††† he was not present himself? What 2 sources does Kistemaker suggest?
7. What is unique about the Stephen speech?
8. Kistemaker compares Lukeís recording of speeches as similar to what ancient Greek
†††††††††† historian?
9. In building his case that Luke records Peterís speeches accurately to what does
†††††††††† Kistemaker compare Peterís speeches in Acts to prove these are historically
†††††††††† accurate to Peter not merely written by Luke?
10. What were the three parts of Paulís speeches at Pisidian Antioch and elsewhere?
11. What is deleted from Paulís speech at the Areopagus in Athens?
12. To what does Kistemaker show Paulís farewell address to the Ephesian elders at
†††††††††† Miletus is really from Paul?How does he establish Paulís style by comparing it to
†††††††††† ...
13.Of all Paulís speeches which one is the most personal? Why?
14.What does Paul rehearse 3 different times in three different ways (one of which is
†††††††††† before Agrippa)?
15. Kistemaker suggests Luke is recording things accurately because commander
†††††††††† Claudius Lysiasí letter is recorded in what type of style?
16. What is Kistemakerís conclusion regarding the speeches which Luke records in Acts?