Joel Williams, Discipleship and Minor Characters in Mark’s Gospel
(Bib Sac, 1996) 332-43.

1. How does Williams define or describe discipleship?
2. What are the three main character groups in Mark’s gospel?
3. What types of things do critics do with Mark’s gospel and what do they focus on?
4. How does Williams describe a narrative?
5. What are the three segments Williams breaks the book up into?
            What are the three different roles the minor characters play in each
            of these sections?
6. In the first section chapters 1-2 who are the two minor characters and what
            role do they play in Mark?
7. In chapters 4-8 what roles do the minor characters play?  Who were some of
            the minor characters in that section?

8. In the “central section” what new feature is added to the role of the minor
9. Who was Bartimaeus contrasted with and how is he contrasted?
10. With whom and how are Simon the Cyrene and Joseph of Arimathea
            contrasted when he is introduced as a minor character?
11. Finally what was the role of the minor characters is the last section or
            verse of the book according to Williams?  What two themes for
            discipleship did he pull out of those last minor characters in the last verse?