1 Corinthians


City of Corinth:

Does Location impact a church?

Does History impact a church?

Does commerce impact a church?

Does the origin of its inhabitants impact a church?

Does culture impact a church?--Roman

Do local morals and religion impact a church?

Church at Corinth

Paul as Founder—2MJ

3 Archaeological finds:  bema, Erastus inscription, Jewish Lintel inscription

Occasion of letter writing:

Previous letter (1 Cor 5:9);

Oral 1 Cor. 1:11

Written 1 Cor 7:1

What were the Church Problems?

Deep sin in past—ch. 6

Lord’s supper—ch. 11

Remiss in Disciplining—ch.5

Factions—ch. 1, 3, 4

Idol-Meat—ch. 8

Lawsuits—ch. 6

Key Issues in Corinthians

Marriage or Celibacy?—ch. 7

I say not the Lord:  7:12

Head Coverings—ch. 11

Woman speaking in Church—ch. 14

4 Principles for handling cultural issues

Is it a moral principle or cultural practice?

Are there contextual indicators?

Is Scripture diverse on the subject?

What is the deeper principle?

Delivering to Satan—ch. 5

Baptism for the Dead—ch. 15:29

Vicarious baptism; Mormons

In place of the dead—replacement

Heretical view:  What will “they” do

Because of the dead:
Stephen’s death à Paul’s baptism

Baptized in anticipation of the dead in hope of resurrection

What is the chief end of humans?—10:31

One Step principle—10:12f

Love chapter—ch. 13

Resurrection chapter—ch. 15

Connection of story and history:

Modernism: history=facts; story=fiction

Post-modernism: It’s my story, facts irrelevant

Body as temple 1 Cor 3:16; 6:13