How do you tell what is historical or what is a universal principle?

4 Approaches

Then = now (miracles and all)

Then =/= now:  Dispensational Approach – Acts transition (cessationists)

Epistles versus Acts/Gospels:
                epistles normative; Acts—particular history;
                canon in a canon idea

Acts as a historical document – Distill principles

Pentecost—Acts 2

Background discussion

On what basis do I judge whether something is from God?

Is experience always the best guide for making decisions?

Bible as sole judge of spiritual experiences

Is Acts 2 normative? 

3 Pilgrimage feasts

3 Signs of Spirit’s coming 2:2: wind, fire, tongues

What is the baptism of the Spirit? 1 Cor 12:13

Second level of holiness? Judas did miracles Mt 10

Purpose of tongues in Acts 2: foreign language, charge of drunkenness?

Careful -- No NT yet

Second Blessing idea –got Christ but not got it all

Instant spirituality

External sign dependence

Not taught to seek it

Who never spoke in tongues:  Christ, Wesley, Spurgeon, Luther ...

Purposes of tongues in Acts 2—2:38

Other groups in Acts & Holy Spirit

8:17 Samaritans receive the Holy Spirit

10:44 Cornelius (Gentile receives H.S.)

19:2-6 Jn Bapt. disciples receive Holy Spirit

What about the Corinthians passages?

1 Cor 14:2 sitz im leben

1 Cor 14:22f:  prophecy and tongues

3 Guidelines:  I Cor 14:27-28

One at a time

2 or at most 3

Interpretation must be given

God’s use of Language

God speaks the language of the people
[Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek]

Linguistic analysis of “tongues”

Respect with Differences

Pauls-First-MissJourn copy


Missionary Journeys

1MJ 48-49 AD Cyprus – central Asia Minor

What 3 levels are there to the Christian call? (Acts 13:2f)

Antioch to Cyprus-Bar Jesus (Acts 13:6ff)

What convinced Sergius Paulus to believe?

Do God’s miracles always heal?

Perga—John Mark quits (Acts 13:13)

Why did John Mark quit?

How have you reacted to betrayal?

                                Why is trust hard to rebuild?

Antioch in Psidia-synagogue, Jews jealousy (13:44ff), turns to Gentiles,

How does jealousy creep into a church?

What does 13:48 mean--as many as appointed?

1 MJ: 48-49 AD

Iconium:  Acts 14:1ff:  Proclamation, believe/unbelief, plot, fled

Is there ever a time to flee a situation?

Lystra:  Acts 14:8ff

Heals cripple

Made gods? –Zeus, Hermes

Stoned and left for dead


What does this show us about fickleness of public opinion?

Derbe: concluding summary—Acts 14:22—many hardships to enter kingdom

Why does the kingdom grow through hardships?

What does that suggest about marketing Christianity by selling success, peace, etc.?

Jerusalem Council (50 AD)

Gentiles à Jews (circumcision)àChristians?

or Gentiles à Christians

What are the basics for one becoming a Christian?  You must do _______ (Acts 16:9)

Why?–no blood, sexual immorality, idol meat.

Paul writes Galatians most likely back to 1MJ churches in Galatia

Pauls-Second-MissJourney copy

2 MJ  Paul and Silas (AD 50-52)

Dispute over John Mark (Barnabas); Paul/Silas

Lystra: stoned àTimothy (Acts 16:1)

Question:            After the Jerusalem council why did Paul circumcise Timothy?

Troas: refused into Asia,…Macedonian call

Following God’s leading contrary to our plans

When did Luke join? “we’s” start at TroasàPhilippi

Philippi: Lydia, seller of purple from Thyatira

No synagogue, --Jews?

Slave girlà jailed and singing

Philippian Jailor’s question—What must I do to be saved? (Acts 16:30, cf. 2:38)