Luke’s Background

Luke Gentile or Jewish?

ú  Jesus never speaks Aramaic

ú  Hebrew names avoided (no Satan, Gethsemane or Golgotha), no hosannas,

ú  Grouped with Gentiles in Col. 4:10-14;

ú  Acts 1:19—Aceldama, in their language,

ú  Explains locations 1:26

ú  OT quotes—mostly only in mouth of Jesus

Are Acts and Luke related?

Luke and Acts related

Luke 1:1-4 and Inspiration process

Where did Luke get his info.?

ú  Paul, Silas –2MJ

ú  2 Years in Israel while Paul in prison in Caesarea

ú  Peter and Mark at Rome (2 Tim. 4:11f)

ú  Mary [1:29; 2:19,33, 51], in Israel while Paul was in jail at Caesarea 2 yrs.


ú  Vaticinium post eventum Lk. 21:20f

Luke Characteristics (HH CD SSPPP)


ú  Simile: kingdom like mustard seed

ú  Example story: Good Samaritan

ú  Parable story: Banquet

ú  Allegory: Sower

ú  Hyperbole in some to make a point

ú  Apocalyptic nature of some (sheep/goats; 10 bridesmaids)

How do you interpret parables?



Luke—Jesus--Savior of all

Zachaeus’ seeking to salvation




Zach                                                       Jesus


Savior of All

Luke Characteristics

ú  Magnificat 1:46ff

ú  Benedictus 1:68ff

ú  Gloria in Excelsis 2:14

ú  Nunc Dimittis 2:29ff

ú  Prodigal son

ú  Emmaus road –Cleopas

ú  Women & children

ú  Mary’s song—Magnificat

ú  Evangel to poor: 4:16-19

ú  Sell everything 3x—12:31; 14:33; 18:22(RYR)

ú  Parables: rich fools barns (Lk 12),

ú  Lazarus+Dives  -- on heaven/hell reversal of this life (Lk 16)

ú  Riches for good ends (Lk 8:1-3)

Prayer in Luke

Heaven and Hell

ú  Place of suffering, chasm (no escape), remembers brothers—Lazarus absent?

NT Hell

Emmaus Road