MATTHEW Acrostic:  Apostling: Understanding

Understanding: Parables, Walking on water, leaven

Mk 4:13
Compare Mat 13:16f: 

Note: Mark rebukes the disciples for not understanding; Matthew drops that and instructs

Question: How do you fit these together from the walking on water incident?

Mk 6:50f
Compare Mat 14:33:

Pharisees’ Yeast:  Mk 8:21
Compare Mat 16:12: 

Little faith (oligopistoi) paralyzing disciple

Mat. 16:8f—lack of faith inhibits understanding—do you still not understand? Cf Mt 6:30//Lk 12:23f

Lack understanding of passion 16:21ff; 26:51f

Cost of Discipleship

What is the cost of discipleship?—Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Columbine, Nigeria, Iraq, Egypt, Libya
[21 Coptic Christians beheaded, 2/15/15]

True disciples will suffer rejection, persecution, hatred (Mat 10:23f, 34f)à not peace but sword

Forsaking/leaving attachments:  Rich young ruler (Mat 19:16ff)

Denying oneself/loosing one’s life/crucifixion:  (Mat. 16:24-26)-imitatio
Imitation of Christ—Thomas à Kempisà

If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. … (16:24)

False disciples

What does Matthew teach about false apostles/disciples?

Mixture:  Parable of Tares 13:24ff

Faith or works?  Mat 7:21-22 not every one who says Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 

Sheep and Goats:  Mat 25:41ff—on what basis let into kingdom—did it to the least of these did it to me—self-deception

Important Question:  Am I a Christian?

Theology of Jesus

How does Matthew see Jesus?

Teacher-wisdom: you have heard it said but I say….; one greater than Solomon (12:42) my words never pass away 24:35.

Christ=greater Moses parallels
                5 discourse sections of Matt. = new law (DeSilva)
                Infants slain by king at birth
                Flight out of Egypt
                Meeting God on a mountain
                Transfiguration: Moses & Elijah

Healer:  Therapeutic [Mt 8-9]   /  non-therapeutic miracles [5,000; walks water]

Deity:  1) Immanuel: birth, 2) Mt. 18:20 where two or three gather, 3) great commission with them unto the end of the age. Inclusio

Peter walking on water--You are son of God (14:28, 33) Job 9:8; Ps 89:9; 107:29; 65:7. 

Kingship and the kingdom of heaven:  genealogy, victory over Satan, Lord of the Sabbath; Son of David 9x in Mt:  DVD = 14

Prominence of the kingdom in Matthew (3 proofs)                          

Jesus/John’s preaching:  repent for kingdom of heaven is near (Mat 3:1; 4:17)

Beatitudes: inclusio:  blessed are .. theirs is the kingdom of heaven. 5:3; 5:10

32 times uniquely used in Matthew

                Kingdom of heaven or kingdom of God:  Already, but not yet

The knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of heaven has been given to you (Mt. 13:11) metonymy –compare Mk 4:11

Eschatological kingdom expectations: Davidic rule, Israel back in the land, peace

Already: Imminence/near: Mt 3:2/5:20; 12:28; Lk 17:21

Entrance repentance/belief: Mt 21:31

Kingdom parables: Sower, Tares; future=13:50, sheep/goats

Reversal: upside down kingdom Mat 19:30à20:1-2,à16; 25-28. 

Not yet: Future kingdom:  end, thy kingdom come (Mt. 6:9f); Son of Man coming (24:36;
                                39f) left behind

What does Mt. 16:28 mean? Transfiguration? Resurrection? Pentecost?

Spread of gospel:  24:14; already=6:25f; 33f?