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Bradford, William.  Bradford's History "Of Plimoth
(Boston: Wright & Potter Printing Co., 1898).
       *.html (Web), *.doc (MS Word), *.pdf (Acrobat, print/search, 8.4 mb)
Elwell, John L. The Story of Byfield (Boston: George E.
     Littlefield, 1904)
     *.html (Web), *.doc (MS Word), *.pdf (Acrobat, print/search, 22 mb)
Gage, Thomas. The History of Rowley (Boston: Ferdinand
     Andrews, 1840).
     *.html (Web), *.doc (MS Word), *.pdf (Acrobat, print/search, 4.6 mb)
Parish, Elijah. Sermons, Practical and Doctrinal (Boston:
     Crocker & Brewster, 1826). -- Pastor of Byfield Parish Church
     *.html (Web), *.doc (MS Word), *.pdf (Acrobat, print/search, 3 mb)
Sewall, Samuel. Diary of Samuel Sewall vols. 1-3
     (Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society Vols.
      5-7 Fifth Series; Boston: 1878).
     Diary of Samuel Sewall. 1674-1699 Vol. 1
          *.html (Web), *.doc (MS Word), *.pdf (Acrobat, print/search, 1.6 mb)
     Diary of Samuel Sewall. 1699-1714 Vol. 2
          *.html (Web), *.doc (MS Word), *.pdf (Acrobat, print/search, 1.7 mb)
     Diary of Samuel Sewall. 1714-1729 Vol. 3
          *.html (Web), *.doc (MS Word), *.pdf (Acrobat, print/search, 1.8 mb)

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