New Testament History, Literature, and Theology
                 Session 22 Acts – Second and Third Missionary Journeys
                                         By Dr. Ted Hildebrandt

1.  On what journey does Paul visit his hometown of Tarsus in SE Turkey (22B)?
            A.        First Missionary Journey
            *B.      Second Missionary Journey
            C.        Third Missionary Journey
            D.        First Imprisonment

2.  On the Second Missionary Journey what happens at the town where Paul was
            made a god and then stoned (22B)?
            A.        He picks up Silas
            B.        Sets up a church outside the city walls
            *C.      He picks up Timothy
            D.        He picks up Luke

3. After Paul picks up Timothy what does he do (22B)?

            A.        He anoints Timothy with oil

            B.        He lays hands on Timothy

            C.        He spends three weeks at Timothy’s house

            *D.      He circumcises Timothy

4.  On the Second Missionary Journey where did Paul want to go but was prevented by
            the Spirit (22C)?
            A.        To the province of Achaia

            *B.      To the province of Asia

            C.        To the city of Troy

            D.        To Antioch in Pisidia

5. When Paul gets to Troas how does the narrative change (22C)?
            *A.      The “they’s” change to “we’s”

B.        The Jews opposition gives way to Gentile opposition

C.        The writer begins to quote the Old Testament more

D.        The verb tense changes from past to present

6. The first European converts began in what town on the Second Missionary Journey

            A.        Troas

B.        Berea

C.        Thessalonica

*D.      Philippi

7. All of the following cities are in Macedonia EXCEPT (22D)

            A.        Philippi

*B.      Corinth

C.        Thessalonica

D.        Philippi

8. What does the fact that there was no synagogue in Philippi indicate (22D)?

            A.        There were less than 5 families there

*B.      There were less than 10 elders there

C.        There were less than 20 Jews living there

D.        There were fewer than 12 Levites there

9.  Who was the woman who was the “first European convert” at Philippi (22D)?
            A.        Priscilla

B.        Salome

*C.      Lydia

D.        Miriam

10. What was Lydia’s vocation (22D)?

            A.        She was a spice maker

B.        She was a seller of linen

C.        She was a cook for the governor

*D.      She was a seller of purple

11. Why was Paul cast into jail at Philippi (22D)?

*A.      He cast a demon out of fortune telling girl

B.        He direct the people to burn their idols

C.        He preached that Jesus was king not Caesar

D.        He was accused of defaming the gods of Philippi

12. What was the ostensive reason Paul cast into jail at Philippi (22D)?

A.        He direct the people to burn their idols

*B.      He was throwing the city into an uproar

C.        He preached that Jesus was king not Caesar

D.        He was accused of defaming the gods of Philippi

13. What did the Philippian jailor ask Paul when he entered the jail after the prisoners
            were all released because of the earthquake (22D)?

            A.        Who is Jesus whom you call the Christ?

            B.        How can I find forgiveness for my sins?

            *C.      What must I do to be saved?

            D.        Why are you still here?

14.  How does Paul respond to the Philippian jailor’s question about what he must do to
            be saved (22D)?
            A.        Believe and be baptized in the name of Jesus

B.        Repent and be baptized

C.        Receive the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ our Lord

*D.      Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ

15. What does one cultic church add to salvation besides belief in order for a person to be
            saved (22D)?
            A.        A believer must take communion in their church

            B.        Must have their elders lay hands on the believer

            *C.      The believer must be baptized by their church

            D.        A believer must join their church and pay tithes

16. What does one church improperly add to salvation besides belief in order for a person
            to be saved (22D)?
            A.        A believer must take communion in their church

            B.        Must have their elders lay hands on the believer

            C.        A believer must join their church and pay tithes

            *D.      The believer must speak in tongues

17. What is a classic passage that shows that a person need only believe on Christ to be
            saved plus nothing else (22D)?

            *A.      The thief on the cross

B.        The Philippian jailor

 C.       The conversion of Paul

D.        The cripple whom Jesus healed

18. All of the following were seen as necessary components of a true faith EXCEPT

            A.        Knowing the facts about Jesus

            B.        Accepting the facts as true

            *C.      Joining in a fellowship of people who have similar beliefs

            D.        Entrusting one’s self and destiny to what is believed about Jesus

19. What does the book of James tells us about the nature of faith/belief (22E)?

            *A.      Faith without works is dead

            B.        Faith is linked with hope in Christ’s return

            C.        Faith is good but love is the evidence of that faith

            D.        Faith is the key that unlocks the doors of heaven

20. In many churches and schools there has been a subtle shift away from a focus on faith
            and salvation to __________(22E)

            A.        Stressing the importance of the end times

            *B.      Stressing social justice concerns

            C.        Stressing cultural competencies

            D.        Stressing one’s vocation and occupation

21. On the Second Missionary Journey where do the “we’s” stop indicating that Luke
            remained there as Paul continued on (22E)?

A.        Thessalonica

B.        Berea

*C.      Philippi

D.        Corinth

22. What happened at Thessalonica as Paul was run out of town (22E)?
            A.        Lydia’s business was burned to the ground

B.        Demtrius’ family was thrown in jail

*C.      Jason’s house was assaulted

D.        They closed the city gates

23.  What was the Berean church famous for (22E)?

            *A.      They searched the Scripture to see if things were true

            B.        They accepted Paul with open arms

            C.        They hid and protected Paul

            D.        They received the message with gladness

24. Where did Paul introduce the gospel using the “altar to the unknown God” (22F)?

            A.        Berea

            B.        Corinth

            *C.      Athens

            D.        Ephesus

25. At Athens who did Paul quote when he said “in him we live and move and have our
            being” (22F)?

            A.        Aristotle and Plato

            B.        Thucydides and Herodotus

            C.        Philo and Josephus

            *D.      Epimenides and Aratus

26. What church father is famous for asking “What does Jerusalem have to do with
            Athens” highlighting the tension between Christianity and religion (22F)?

            A.        Augustine

            *B.      Tertullian

            C.        Irenaeus

            D.        Polycarp

27.  For what was the question: what does Jerusalem have to do with Athens, used to
            argue in favor of (22F)?

            A.        Studying the geography of Jerusalem

            B.        Studying the theology of Jerusalem

            *C.      Studying the religion and philosophy

            D.        Studying the relationship between Jews and Gentiles

28. On the Second Missionary Journey how long did Paul stay at Corinth (22G)?

            A.        Six months

            B.        A year

            *C.      A year and a half

            D.        Three years

29.  Who did Paul meet in Corinth (22G)?

            A.        Demetrius

            B.        Lydia

            C.        Salome and Eutychus

            *D.      Priscilla and Aquila

30.  Why did Priscilla and Aquila leave Rome for Corinth (22G)?
            A.        They desired to be in a more commercial city

            *B.      They were expelled with the other Jews from Rome

            C.        They wanted to meet Paul

            D.        They were slaves who were freed while in Rome

31. Who expelled the Jews from Rome resulting in Priscilla and Aquila going to Corinth

            A.        Julius Caesar

            B.        Augustus

            C.        Caligula

            *D.      Claudius

32. Where is Corinth is located (22G)?

            A.        By a large commercial river

            B.        A major mountain range in Greece

            *C.      An isthmus between two seas

            D.        In a valley guarding a mountain pass

33. What did Paul make at Corinth (22G)?
            A.        He made chairs as he was a carpenter

B.        He made houses as he was a mason

C.        He sold clothe 

 *D.     He made tents

34.  Where did Paul receive money from to help support him while he was at Corinth
            besides making tents (22G)?

            A.        He got speaker’s fees from speaking in the synagogue

*B.      Silas and Timothy brought him money from Macedonia

C.        He helped build boats

D.        He raised money from the church at Corinth to support him

35. What influential leader accepted Christ at Corinth (22G)?
            *A.      Crispus the synagogue leader

            B.        Sosthenes an elder in the synagogue

            C.        Gallio the governor

            D.        A Roman centurion

36. Who was beat up for accusing Paul before the Roman governor at Corinth (22G)?

            A.        Crispus the synagogue leader

            *B.      Sosthenes a leader in the synagogue

            C.        Elymas a sorcerer

            D.        The jailor

37. What missionary journey of Paul was directly after the Jerusalem Council (22I)?

            A.        First

            *B.      Second

            C.        Third

            D.        Fourth

38. Where did Paul spend about three years on his Third Missionary Journey (22I)?
            *A.      Ephesus

B.        Corinth

C.        Philippi

D.        Galatia

39. Who did Paul initially find at Ephesus on his Third Missionary Journey (22J)?

            A.        Some Gentiles who refused to be circumcised

            B.        Some prophets speaking in the name of Jesus

            *C.      Some of John the Baptist’s disciples

            D.        Jews who were seeking to kill him

40.  At Ephesus they championed what god/goddess (22J)?

            A.        Hermes

            B.        Zeus

            *C.      Artemis

            D.        Baal-zebul

41.  Who was a silver smith that raised a riot against Paul because people were not
            buying his silver idols anymore (22J)?

            A.        Dionysius

            B.        Apollonius

            C.        Gallio

            *D.      Demetrius

42. Where did Paul teach when he was at Ephesus (22K)?
            A.        The Synagogue of Crispus

            *B.      The School of Tyrannus

            C.        Mars Hill

            D.        Outside the city gate by a river

43. Where does Paul write 1 Corinthians from after hearing there was trouble there

            *A.      Ephesus

B.        Philippi

 C.       Athens

D.        Troas

44. For whom was Paul raising money at the end of his Third Missionary Journey (22L)?
            A.        The people at Corinth because there was an outbreak of disease there

            B.        The poor at Jerusalem because there was a famine there

            C.        The people of Lystra because there was an earthquake there

            D.        The people of Memphis because there was a locust plague there

45.  What church did Paul specifically write asking for money at the end of  the Third
            Missionary Journey (22L)?

            A.        Ephesus

B.        Philippi

 C.       Athens

*D.      Corinth

46. On the Third Missionary Journey when Paul briefly visits Corinth what letter does he
            write (22L)?
            A.        Ephesians

            B.        Philippians

            *C.      Romans

            D.        Titus

47.  Who was Eutychus and what happened with him and Paul (22L)?
            A.        He started a riot and Paul blinded him

            B.        He became a believer and was a synagogue leader

            *C.      In one of Paul’s sermons he fell asleep and fell out of a window
            D.        He rescued Paul from the sea when the boat shipwrecked  

48. Who bound Paul’s hands saying he would be bound when he went up to Jerusalem
            A.        Philip’s prophesying daughters

            *B.      A prophet Agabus

            C.        An elder Salome

            D.        A synagogue leader of Jerusalem

49.  How did Paul save himself from being flogged in Jerusalem (22M)?
            A.        He slipped through the crowd

            *B.      He claimed he was a Roman citizen

            C.        He paid the centurion some money

            D.        He had Theophilus speak on his behalf

50.  When Paul was set to go to trial with Felix what problem did he encounter (22O)?

            A.        Felix favored the Jews

            B.        Felix forgot about Paul when he was imprisoned

            C.        Felix wanted to hurt the church

            *D.      Felix wanted a bribe from Paul

51. Where was Paul imprisoned in Israel for two years (22O)?
            A.        Jerusalem

B.        Capernaum

*C.      Caesarea

D.        Gaza

52. What did the Jews request when Paul was tried under Festus (22O)?
            *A.      That Paul be returned to Jerusalem so they could kill him on the way

B.        That Paul be crucified at Caesarea

C.        That Paul be beaten with 40 lashes and then dragged through the streets

D.        That Paul be taken to Capernaum to stand trial under Agrippa


53. What did Paul do to avoid being taken back to Jerusalem where he heard they had
            plotted to kill him on the way back up there (22O)?
            A.        He reasoned with Festus and told him of the plot

*B.      He appealed to Caesar

C.        He got his friends to appeal to Festus

D.        He told Festus he needed a Roman lawyer

54.  Why did Paul say he liked standing trial before Agrippa (22Q)?

            A.        Because Agrippa was a friend of Festus

            B.        Because Agrippa knew Roman law

            *C.      Because Agrippa knew Jewish customs

            D.        Because Agrippa was an upright man

55. What did Festus say had driven Paul mad (22Q)?

            *A.      All his learning

            B.        His belief in the resurrection from the dead

            C.        A demon

            D.        His loyalty to a dead leader

56.  Who said “almost you persuade me to become a Christian” (22Q)?

            A.        Festus

            *B.      Agrippa
            C.        Felix

            D.        Caligula

57. Where did Paul’s boat get shipwrecked (22R)?

            A.        On the island of Crete

B.        On the island of Sicily

*C.      On the island of Malta

D.        On the coast of the Peloponnese

58. What happened on the island of Malta that the people concluded Paul was a god

            A.        He healed a cripple man

B.        He prayed and it rained breaking a three year drought

C.        He spoke in tongues

*D.      He was bitten by a viper but it had no effect on him

59. What most likely happened to Paul at the end of the second Roman imprisonment

            A.        He was crucified

*B.      He was beheaded

C.        He was stoned

D.        He died in jail