New Testament History, Literature, and Theology
 Session 18:  John:  Character Portrayals—Nathaniel, Nicodemus, Samaritan Woman…
                                            By Dr. Ted Hildebrandt

1.  How is Nathaniel often portrayed (18B)?
            A.        As a doubter
            *B.      As a skeptic
            C.        As a critic
            D.        As an unbeliever

2. Who brought Nathaniel to Jesus (18B)?
            A.        Andrew
            B.        Simon
            C.        The disciple whom Jesus loved
            *D.      Philip

3.  What was Nathaniel’s objection against Jesus (18B)?
            A.        He was a carpenter
            B.        He was not a follower of John
            *C.      He was from Nazareth
            D.        He was not a Pharisee

4.  What did Jesus say about Nathaniel (18B)?
            *A.      He was a true Israelite in whom there was nothing false
            B.        He was a man of little faith
            C.        He needed to be shown before he would believe
            D.        He had followed in the ways of the Lord since his youth

5. Where did Jesus say he had seen Nathaniel (18B)?
            A.        Under his vine
            B.        Under an olive tree
            C.        Beside a rock giving him shade
            *D.      Under a fig tree

6. After Jesus said he saw him under the fig tree what did Nathaniel conclude about Jesus (18B)?
            A.        You are the Messiah, God’s chosen one
            B.        You are the prophet who is to come
            *C.      You are the son of God the king of Israel
            D.        You are the son of David who will reign over Israel forever

7. When Jesus told Nathaniel he would see angels going up and down on the Son of Man what
            Old Testament story did that echo (18B)?
            *A.      Jacob’s ladder at Bethel
            B.        Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac
            C.        Joseph’s dreams while in prison
            D.        Moses’ visions on Mount Sinai

8. Batson, in his psychology of religion has characterized the way people are religious into all
            three of the following categories EXCEPT (18C)?
            A.        Intrinsic – internally meaningful religion as personal relationship
            *B.      Developmental—as faith develops from childhood to adulthood
            C.        Extrinsic—finds meaning in religious forms and rituals
            D.        Quest—sees religion as a journey, asking questions and exploring

9. What was Nicodemus besides being a Pharisee (18C)?
            A.        A priest
            B.        A merchant selling purple and spices
            *C.      A member of the Jewish ruling council
            D.        A tax collector

10. When did Nicodemus come to meet with Jesus (18C)?
            A.        In the morning
            B.        On a feast day
            C.        On the Sabbath
            *D.      At night

11.  How did Nicodemus say he knew Jesus was from God (18C)?
            A.        Because of the miraculous signs he was doing
            B.        Because he taught the law and commands of the Lord
            C.        Because he followed in the fear of the Lord
            *D.      Because he spoke with great authority and not as the other rabbis

12.  Nicodemus, as a Jewish leader, is quite complementary to Jesus.  How does Jesus respond
            A.        With an accusation against him
            B.        With kindness and gentleness
            *C.      Abruptly
            D.        Defending himself

13. What does Jesus tell Nicodemus he must do in order to see the kingdom (18C)?
            A.        Become a follower of Jesus
            B.        Sell all he has and give it to the poor
            C.        Believe and be baptized
            *D.      Be born again

14. How does Jesus challenge Nicodemus as a teacher in Israel (18C)?
            A.        That he is not following the laws of Israel
            *B.      That he doesn’t understand what it means to be born again
            C.        That he sees the miracles and still refuses to believe
            D.        That he will not give up his wealth and follow Jesus

15. What Old Testament story does Jesus use to get Nicodemus to understand (18C)?
            *A.      Moses putting a snake on a pole        
            B.        Abraham offering up his son Isaac
            C.        The putting of the blood of the Passover lamb on the doors
            D.        Moses striking the rock to bring out living water

16. While Jesus tells Nicodemus that whoever believes on him would have eternal life and what
            is Nicodemus’ response (18C)?
            A.        He walks away because he was a wealthy man
            B.        He could not believe because of the hardness of his heart
            *C.      There is no record of his response to Jesus here in John 3
            D.        He asks Jesus more questions but won’t commit

17. What do we find out about Nicodemus after the death of Christ (18C)?
            *A.      He links up with Joseph of Arimathea to bury the body of Jesus
            B.        He is seen walking away from the crucifixion with great grief
            C.        He goes out and hangs himself
            D.        He provides the disciples with a home where they can stay in Jerusalem

18. With whom did we compare the story of Nicodemus (18D)?
            A.        The wedding feast at Cana
            *B.      The woman at the well in Samaria
            C.        The calling of Simon Peter
            D.        The story of the muddy blind man

19. How did the woman of Samaria respond to Jesus’ request for a drink of water (18D)?
            *A.      She responded abruptly
            B.        She handed him a cup of water
            C.        She looked the other way
            D.        She offered to draw water for a price

20. What objection did the woman of Samaria raise over Jesus asking her for a drink (18D)?
            A.        He had multiplied food why could he not get himself a drink
            B.        Moses got water from a rock if he was the Messiah why couldn’t he do that
            *C.      He was a Jews asking her, a Samaritan for a drink
            D.        He was a prophet, so why didn’t he call for God to send rain

21. What does Jesus offer to give the woman of Samaria after she objects to giving him a drink
            as a Jew (18D)?
            A.        Eternal life
            *B.      Living water
            C.        To be born again
            D.        The bread of life

22. When the woman of Samaria asked Jesus for some living water what was Jesus’ response
            A.        Do you believe in the Son of Man who is to come?
            *B.      Go call your husband
            C.        Follow me and you will never draw water again
            D.        Leave your bucket and go into the city

23.  When Jesus told the woman at the well that she had had five husbands, how did she respond
            A.        She asked Jesus how he knew her
            B.        She recognized that Jesus was the Messiah
            *C.      She recognized that Jesus was a prophet
            D.        She turned away to leave

24. What objection did the woman at the well raise after she determined Jesus was a prophet
            A.        The Jews celebrate the Passover by the Samaritans celebrate Ramadan
            B.        The Jews consider the Samaritans unclean
            C.        The Jews circumcise their children and the Samaritans do not
            *D.      The Jews worship in Jerusalem the Samaritans on the mountain by the well

25. How did Jesus answer the woman at the well’s concern about whether worship should be in
            Jerusalem or on Mount Gerizim (18D)?
            *A.      The Father seeks those who worship in spirit and truth not where they worship
            B.        Those who fear and worship God will come from all nations and sit down with
                        Abraham and his children
            C.        God is worshipped by those who keep his commands and decrees
            D.        God is a spirit and can be worship anywhere the Spirit of God is

26.  How did Jesus identify himself to the woman at the well that he rare did to anyone else in
            the New Testament (18D)?
            A.        He told her he was the Son of Man who Daniel predicted would come
            *B.      He told her he was the Messiah, the Christ
            C.        He told her he was the Son of David who was to rule over Israel
            D.        He told her he was the Son of God come to seek and to save the lost

27. What did the woman of Samaria tell those in the town after she left her jug behind (18D)?
            A.        Come and see I have found the one Moses told us about
            B.        Is not the Christ of God by our well?
            *C.      Come see a man who told me everything I ever did
            D.        The Messiah of Israel has come and wants to dine with us

28.  The stories of Nicodemus were compared and contrasted on all of the following points  
            EXCEPT (18E)
            A.        Nicodemus was a person of high status, the woman was of low status
            *B.      Nicodemus sits while Jesus stands, the woman stands while Jesus sits
            C.        Jesus is abrupt with Nicodemus, the woman is abrupt with Jesus
            D.        Nicodemus makes no commitment, the woman believes and tells others

29. How was the adulterous woman story a trap for Jesus (18F)?
            *A.      Between Jewish law and Roman law
            B.        Between morality and mercy
            C.        Between elders and the younger men
            D.        Between the will of God and the will of man

30. How does Jesus respond to the accusations against the woman caught in adultery (18E)?
            A.        Take the log out of your own eye then you will see clearly to take the speck out of
                        her eye
            B.        This woman has not sinned it is you who are sinning against her
            C.        Is she not a daughter of Abraham as well as your own daughters
            *D.      Let the one who is perfect cast the first stone

31. In the story or pericope of the adulterous woman who went away first (18E)?
            A.        The young men
            *B.      The old men
            C.        The Pharisees
            D.        The Zealots

32. What did Jesus say to the woman caught in adultery that would have been offensive to later
            scribes copying these texts (18E)?
            A.        Your sins are forgiven
            *B.      Neither do I condemn you
            C.        Believe in me and all will be forgiven
            D.        Your accusers have all gone away

33. Why is the story of the woman caught in adultery called a floating pericope  (18E)?
            A.        Because it floated in and out of various manuscripts
            B.        Because the story was cut out of some manuscripts
            *C.      Because it is found in some manuscripts in John 8 and others in Luke 21
            D.        Because it was erased in some manuscripts

34. The man who was born blind whom Jesus healed was told to go wash off the mud in what
            pool (18F)?
            A.        Gihon
            B.        En Rogel
            C.        En Gedi
            *D.      Siloam

35. Thomas is most frequently portrayed as _______ Thomas (18G)
            *A.      Doubting
            B.        Inquisitive
            C.        Faithful
            D.        Courageous

36. Jesus’ classic response “I am the way, the truth, and the life” was a response to what situation
            A.        Peter’s expression of not knowing where they were going
            *B.      Thomas’ question that he didn’t know the way Jesus was talking about
            C.        The woman at the well’s question concerning living water
            D.        The Roman soldiers question about whether Jesus was the son of God

37. Why were the disciples afraid to go back to Jerusalem after the raising of Lazarus (18G)?
            A.        Because it was reported that there were riots in Jerusalem
            B.        Because Jerusalem was filled with Roman soldiers at that time
            *C.      Because they knew the Jews wanted to kill Jesus there
            D.        Lazarus had told the Jewish authorities what had happened and they wanted to
                        question Jesus

38. When Jesus said he wanted to go back to Jerusalem where many feared he would be killed
            how did Thomas react (18G)?
            A.        Perhaps they could stay outside the city with Lazarus, Mary and Martha
            *B.      He wanted to go with Jesus even if he was going to die with him
            C.        He swore he would never deny Jesus no matter what
            D.        He wanted to fulfill the law which required them to go up for the Passover

39. After Jesus shows Thomas his hands and side and invites Thomas to touch him, what was
            Thomas’ response (18G)?
            *A.      My Lord and my God
            B.        Lord, I am not worthy
            C.        Depart from me for I am a sinful man
            D.        Son of God and king of Israel

40. What was the professor’s understanding of why Thomas did not believe immediately when
            told of Jesus’ resurrection (18H)?
            A.        Thomas felt betrayed by Jesus thinking he would become the king of Israel
            *B.      He could not get passed the images of seeing Jesus die a cruel death
            C.        He had lost his faith in Jesus and wanted to return home to Galilee
            D.        He had always doubted and this just gave a way for it to be expressed

41. The resurrection of Jesus takes on what negative aspect of human existence (18H)?
            A.        Pain and suffering
            B.        Disappointment
            *C.      Death
            D.        Failure
            E.         Aloneness and alienation