New Testament History, Literature and Theology

                 Session 10: Mark, Part 2, Son of Man and Messianic Secret

                                       By Dr. Ted Hildebrandt

1. All of the following stories of Peter as hero are not found in Mark EXCEPT (10A)
            A.        Paying the temple tax from the fish coin
            B.        Peter walking on the water
            *C.      Peter witnessing the transfiguration
            D.        Peter being given the keys of the kingdom

2.  All of the following problems Peter had are recorded in Mark EXCEPT (10B)
            *A.      Peter slicing off the ear of the high priest in Gethsemane
            B.        Peter denying the Lord and the cock crowing
            C.        Peter rebuking the Lord when he said he must suffer
            D.        Peter wanting to build shelters at the transfiguration of Jesus

3. In the book of Acts to what does Peter object after being instructed in a vision to do it (10C)?
            A.        To give the Lord’s supper to a Roman centurion
            *B.      To eat unclean animals
            C.        To circumcise a Gentile child
            D.        To preach the gospel to the Gentiles

4.  In Mark what parenthetical statement is made that connects directly to Peter from the book of
            Acts (10C)?
            A.        Jesus declaring the Gentiles did not have to be circumcised
            B.        Jesus teaching his disciples in a boat on the Sea of Galilee
            C.        Jesus telling Peter he must not doubt but believe in him
            *D.      Jesus declaring all foods clean 

5.  What was used to show the historical accuracy of the book of Mark (10C)?
            *A.      It portrays major church leaders with flaws
            B.        It shows the suffering of Jesus
            C.        It records the Gentiles as heroes
            D.        It quotes from the Dead Sea Scrolls community with accuracy

6. It was argued that Mark is most likely written before Peter dies. Therefore Mark was mostly likely written before ______ when Peter died (10D)
            A.        70 AD
            *B.      65 AD
            C.        55 AD
            D.        80 AD

7. What was one reason it was argued that Mark was probably the first of the gospels (10D)?
            A.        Matthew tells us he wrote after the temple was destroyed
            B.        Luke cites that he used Mark in the construction of his Gospel
            *C.      Most of Mark is found in the other Gospels
            D.        Mark has been found in the earliest papyrus manuscripts

8.  When was the second temple that Herod remodeled, destroyed (10E)?
            A.        AD 50
            B.        AD 57
            C.        AD 65
            *D.      AD 70

9.  Critics of the Bible have to get rid of all of the following EXCEPT (10E)
            A.        The feeding of the 5,000
            B.        Peter walking on water
            *C.      Jesus being crucified
            D.        Jesus raising a dead girl to life

10.  What has been found at the south wall excavations in Jerusalem that confirms Jesus’
            prediction (10E)?
            A.        The shops of the money changers
            *B.      The stones of the temple were thrown down
            C.        A coin that was used for paying the temple tax
            D.        A stone in the wall of modern Jerusalem from the Roman Xth legion
11. How is vaticinium post eventu used (10E)?
            *A.      To say the prophecy was written after the event it predicts
            B.        To say that miracles are explained by natural science
            C.        To say that the Vatican made up all these prophecies
            D.        To say that the prophecies of Scriptures were lucky guesses

12.  What was the audience to whom Mark was written (10F)?
            A.        Jews of Jerusalem
            *B.      Romans in Rome
            C.        Greeks in Troas
            D.        Greeks in Corinth

13. What code word did the early Christians use when referring to Rome as seen in the book of 1
            Peter (10F)?
            A.        Jerusalem
            B.        Damascus
            C.        Corinth
            *D.      Babylon

14. Mark, because of his Roman audience, translates talitha koum as meaning ______ (10F)
            A.        Sons of Thunder
            B.        Why have you forsaken me
            *C.      Little girl, get up
            D.        Be open

15. Mark, because of his Roman audience, translates Boanerges as meaning ______ (10F)
            *A.      Sons of Thunder
            B.        Why have you forsaken me
            C.        Little girl, get up
            D.        Be open

16. When Mark explains that on the first day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread is when the
            Passover lamb was slain, show what about Mark’s audience (10G)?
            A.        That they knew about the Passover lamb
            *B.      That they were not Jewish
            C.        That they were Jews who had forgotten the law
            D.        That they were Jews of the diaspora

17. What custom does Mark explain for his Rome audience concerning the Jews and their
            preparing to eat food (10G)?
            A.        They only eat kosher foods
            *B.      That they ceremonially wash their hands before eating
            C.        That their pots and pans must be ceremonially cleansed
            D.        That only Jews are allowed to eat at their tables

18.  What was proposed as a reason for Mark’s not having the sending of the twelve as in
            Matthew 10 (10G)?
            A.        The twelve were sent out which may have the Romans thinking of them stirring
                        up trouble
            B.        The twelve were sent prior to the resurrection thus giving an incomplete gospel
            *C.      The twelve were sent only to Israel thus not fitting a Roman audience
            D.        The twelve would have been unknown to a Roman audience

19. How did Mark show he had a Roman audience in the way he handles geography (10G)?
            A.        He mentions the Pool of Bethesda was by the Sheep Gate
            B.        He mentions the other Bethany as being in Transjordan
            C.        He mentions his own house as being on Mount Zion
            *D.      He describes the Mount of Olives as across from the temple

20. When Mark uses the term “praetorium” to describe the palace what was that used to show
            *A.      Mark uses Latin terms which would show a Roman audience
            B.        Mark refers to Roman soldiers in unique ways that fit a Roman understanding
            C.        Mark uses Greek terms that were known to the Romans
            D.        That the Romans were concerned about palaces and places of power

21. Who does Mark mention that Paul mentions in his letter to the Romans (10H)?
            A.        Dionysius the nephew of Pontius Pilate
            *B.      Rufus the son of Simon the Cyrene
            C.        Damaris the wife of Alexander of Rome
            D.        Aquila who had lived in Rome for many years
22. It was suggested that all of the following indicate a Roman conceptual framework in Mark
            EXCEPT (10I)
            A.        Demons
            *B.      Soldiers
            C.        Crowds
            D.        Banquets

23. How does Mark, as the first one, identify his writing (10J)?
            *A.      A gospel
            B.        An epistle
            C.        A biography
            D.        A history of

24. The word translated “gospel” is from what Greek word (10J)?
            A.        Logos
            *B.      Euaggelion
            C.        Apostellw
            D.        Kerygma

25. What does the word “gospel” mean in Greek (10J)?
            A.        Complete salvation
            B.        Redemption
            *C.      Good news
            D.        Forgiveness

26. Mark begins with the statement “It is written in Isaiah the prophet, ‘I will send my messenger
            ahead of you.’”  We noted this quote is not from Isaiah but from which prophet (10K)?
            A.        Jeremiah
            B.        Daniel
            C.        Hosea
            *D.      Malachi

27. The second part of Marks quote “A voice of one calling in the desert,” is from which prophet
            that Mark actually cites in this composite OT quote (10K)?
            A.        Jeremiah
            *B.      Isaiah
            C.        Daniel
            D.        Malachi

28. How did we handle the quote in Mark 1:1-3 which says Isaiah said when actually it was
            Malachi (10K)?
            *A.      It was actually a combined quote from both Malachi and Isaiah
            B.        It was a scribal error
            C.        It was a quote that was repeated in both Malachi and Isaiah
            D.        It was a general reference to the prophets just using Malachi’s name

29. Mark opens with the quote applied to Jesus “I will send my messenger who will prepare the
            way before Me,” who is it that is speaking in the Old Testament (10L)?
            A.        The Messiah
            *B.      The Yahweh Almighty
            C.        El Shaddai
            D.        The angel of the Lord

30. Mark says, “the messenger will prepare the way before YOU,” referring to Jesus in the OT
            who does that “you” actually refer to (10L)?
            A.        The Messiah
            B.        El Shaddai
            *C.      Yahweh
            D.        The angel of the Lord

31. We used the opening quote in Mark that “the messenger will prepare the way before you” to
            prove what doctrine (10L)?
            A.        The omniscience of God
            B.        The truthfulness of Scripture
            C.        The sovereignty of God
            *D.      The deity of Christ

32. The Jews do not like saying the name of God so they often refer to him by what phrase
            A.        The Holy One
            B.        The Mighty One
            *C.      The Name
            D.        The Good

33. The good news entails all of the following EXCEPT (10M)
            A.        Victory over death
            B.        The resurrection
            C.        Forgiveness of sins
            D.        Loving one another and being loved by God
            *E.       Given freedom to live life the way we want

34. What does the Emmanuel concept mean (10M)?
            A.        The Lord God almighty
            *B.      God with us
            C.        God’s grace
            D.        God’s steadfast love

35. What is the answer to our alienation from God (10M)?
            *A.      Reconciliation
            B.        Redemption
            C.        Sanctification
            D.        Justification

36. Mark portrays the human side of Christ in all of the following ways EXCEPT (10N)
            A.        Jesus gets angry
            B.        Jesus touches people
            C.        Jesus gets hungry
            *D.      Jesus weeps

37. Jesus self-designates himself by using what title (10O)?
            A.        Son of David
            *B.      Son of Man
            C.        Son of God
            D.        Rabbi

38.  In Hebrew “son of” can mean all of the following EXCEPT (10O)
            *A.      Employee of
            B.        Child of
            C.        Descendant of
            D.        Having the character of

39. How did Peter identify Jesus when Jesus asked him who that he the Son of Man was (10O)?
            A.        The Son of David
            B.        The Messiah
            *C.      The Son of God
            D.        The Chosen one

40. When Jesus says while the foxes have holes the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head,
            what aspect of the Son of Man title does this feature (10P)?
            A.        Eschatological
            B.        Suffering
            *C.      Identification with human beings
            D.        Divine
            E.         Authority

41. Jesus’ healing of the paralyzed man carried by four friends manifested what aspect of the Son
            of Man title (10P)?
            A.        Eschatological
            B.        Suffering
            C.        Identification with human beings
            D.        Divine
            *E.       Authority

42. The Jews had a Messiah ben-David to rule and a Messiah ben- _______ who was the
            suffering servant (10Q)?
            A.        Abraham
            *B.      Joseph
            C.        Elijah
            D.        Jeremiah

43. Which aspect of the Son of Man term did Jesus’ prediction of his betrayal illustrate (10Q)?
            A.        Eschatological
            *B.      Suffering
            C.        Identification with human beings
            D.        Divine
            E.         Authority

44. When Jesus told Caiaphas he would see the Son of Man coming in the clouds of heaven,
            what aspect of the term Son of Man did that feature (10R)?
            *A.      Eschatological
            B.        Suffering
            C.        Identification with human beings
            D.        Divine
            E.         Authority

45. When Caiaphas said that Jesus had committed blaspheme as he was identifying himself as
            the Son of Man when what aspect of the term was he picking up (10R)?
            A.        Eschatological
            B.        Suffering
            C.        Identification with human beings
            *D.      Divine
            E.         Authority

46. What is the Messianic Secret (10S)?
            A.        When Jesus told his brothers and mother not to tell of his childhood
            *B.      When Jesus told those he healed not to tell anyone what he had done
            C.        When Jesus told Mary not to tell the disciples to come to Capernaum
            D.        When Jesus told his disciples they didn’t understand because it was secret

47.  Why was it suggested that Jesus told the disciples not to tell anyone who he was (10T)?
            *A.      Because they would only understand after the resurrection
            B.        Because they had so little faith
            C.        Because they themselves didn’t know who he was
            D.        Because if they did people would not accept him

48.  Why did Jesus not want the demons to announce who he was (10T)?
            A.        They would lie about who he was
            B.        They twisted what he said
            C.        They too were doing miracles in his name
            *D.      They were not credible witnesses

49. All of the following Jesus told them not to speak manifesting what has been called the
            Messianic Secret EXCEPT
            A.        Demons
            B.        People he healed
            C.        His disciples
            *D.      Those trying to kill him