New Testament History, Literature, and Theology
                                        Session 9:  Introduction to Mark

                                              By Dr. Ted Hildebrandt

1.  Why did God tell David he wanted to build him a house (9B)?
            A.        Because David was a man after his own heart

*B.      Because David wanted to build God a temple
C.        Because David led Israel in the way of the Lord
D.        Because God wanted David to become king of Israel after Saul


2.  What aspect of the Abrahamic covenant did the book of Matthew feature (9B)?
            A.        The possession of the land

            B.        The coming of the promised seed

            *C.      Abraham being a blessing to all nations

            D.        Abraham’s faith


3. The gematria principle is (9B)
            A.        Using the covenant to determine who should be king

            B.        Showing the promise being fulfilled
            C.        A Roman principle for determining who was guilty

            *D.      Using letters and numbers to give meaning


4.  Why did Matthew say there were 14 generations between the carrying away to Babylon and Jesus emphasizing the number 14 (9B)?
            *A.      The number 14 is DVD representing the name of David

            B.        The number 14 stands for the people of God in the Old Testament

            C.        The number 14 is used to symbolize the coming of the Messiah

            D.        The number 14 represents the name of Bethlehem


4.  Matthew quotes all of the following Old Testament passages in the birth narrative of Jesus (MAT 1-2) EXCEPT (9C)
            A.        Out of Egypt I have called my son

            B.        The Messiah would be born in Bethlehem
            C.        A virgin will conceive and give birth to a son

            *D.      He shall be called the son of the Most High

5.  The book of Matthew is built around five discourses which leads to the development of what idea in Matthew (9C)?
            A.        Jesus is the son of David
            *B.      Jesus is the new Moses

            C.        Jesus is Immanuel, God with us
            D.        Jesus has come to save his people from their sins


6.  When Jesus sends the twelve where does he tell them not to go (9C)?

            *A.      Among the Gentiles
            B.        To Judea

            C.        To Galilee

            D.        To the temple


7.  What does Jesus tell the Syro-Phoenician woman who wanted her child healed that shows Matthew’s focus on the Hebrews (9C)?
            A.        He told her she must circumcise her child
            B.        He told her that she must got to the temple in Jerusalem to find
            *C.      He told her he was only sent to the lost sheep of Israel

D.        He told her that she should believe the law and the prophets

7.  How is Matthew different than Mark when telling about the disciples being criticized by the Jews for eating with unwashed hands (9D)?
            A.        Matthew, as a Jew, is the only one who picks that up

            B.        Mark has Jesus rebuking the Pharisees while Matthew does not
                        mention Jesus criticism of that custom

            *C.      Mark gives an explanation which not needed for Matthew’s Jewish

            D.        Matthew tells about the bowls that were used for the washing of
                        their hands


8.  Why does Mark elaborate and explain the Jewish tradition of washing hands before they eat (9D)?
            *A.      He’s writing to Romans who may not have understood

            B.        He’s showing that he himself understands Jewish traditions

            C.        He explains in order to get his Jewish audience on his side

            D.        He is just quoting Jesus who was explaining why he did what he did


9.  Why does Matthew use the “kingdom of heaven” instead of the “kingdom of God” like the other Gospels (9D)?
            A.        The Romans frequently use the term “heaven” as a reference to

            B.        Jesus wanted his followers to think of the kingdom coming from

            C.        Heaven fits with Matthew’s theme of the rule of God in heaven

            *D.      The Jews trying to avoid blaspheme do not use the name “God”


10.  Matthew has Jesus saying “You have heard it said ‘hate your enemies’” how does that show Matthew has a Jewish audience (9D)?

            A.        This quote is recited during the Passover feast of the Jews

            *B.      This quote is found not in the Old Testament but in the Dead Sea
                        Scrolls which only Jews would know about

            C.        This quote was written on the entrance into the temple mount

            D.        Herod had used this statement when punishing the Jews and the Jews
                        would have remembered it


11. What two things do the Sadducees not believe in that are featured in the book of Matthew (9E)?

            A.        Drinking wine and the priesthood

            *B.      Resurrection and angels

            C.        Tithing and taxes

            D.        Fasting and the temple in Jerusalem


12.  The Sadducees were known because of their _______ (9E)

            *A.      Wealth

            B.        Piety
            C.        Dogmatism

            D.        Association with the priests


13.  The Sadducees were known because of their _______ (9E)

            A.        Held the tradition of the elders

            B.        Piety
            *C.      Assimilation with Hellenism

            D.        Association with the priests


14.  The Sadducees used what example to argue against the resurrection with Jesus (9E)?

            A.        A woman caught in adultery
            B.        A man who had been killed by the Romans

            *C.      A woman who had been married repeatedly

            D.        A man burned to death and his ashes scattered


15.  How did Jesus respond to the Sadducees about the resurrection and the woman many to several husbands (9E)?
            A.        In the resurrection her husbands would be like brothers

            B.        In the resurrection there would be neither male nor female

            C.        In the resurrection she could pick which ever one she like the best

            *D.      In the resurrection she would be unmarried like the angels


16.  What is the strongest argument that “kingdom of heaven” and “kingdom of God” refer to the same thing (9F)?
            *A.      They are found in parallel passages in Matthew and Mark
            B.        Matthew equates them in the Sermon on the Mount

            C.        Jesus begins the Olivet discourse with one and ends with the other

            D.        The name of God in the Old Testament included the idea of heaven


17. What name does Matthew mention twelve times, six of which are only found in Matthew (9F)?
            A.        The tribes of Jacob

            B.        Our father Abraham

            *C.      Israel

            D.        The Jews

18.  What story or rumor among the Jews does Matthew uniquely pick up (9F)?

            A.        That Jesus fled to Galilee and another was crucified in his place

            *B.      That the disciples stole the body of Jesus

            C.        That the disciples paid off the Roman soldiers not to kill Jesus

            D.        That Judas had buried the body of Jesus outside the city


19. When Matthew records that the Jews said Jesus cast out demons by Beelzebub that fit what Jewish perspective that Matthew may have been trying to refute (9F)?

            *A.      That Jesus was a sorcerer

            B.        That Jesus was Satan

            C.        That Jesus was a charlatan

            D.        That Jesus paid people to act as if they were healed


20.  What kind of relationship did the early Christians initially have with Judaism (9G)?
            A.        They were considered to be a Hellenistic heresy

            *B.      They were considered to be a part of Judaism called the Nazarenes

            C.        They were considered to be a false religion like the Samaritans

            D.        They were considered to be part of the Essene movement


21. Besides Stephen who was one of the early martyrs of the early church (9G)?
            A.        Matthew

            B.        Philip

            *C.      James

            D.        Thomas


22.  Christians were not persecuted by the Romans as long as they (9H)
            A.        Did not proselytize Romans

            B.        As long as they paid their taxes

            C.        While they did not condemn emperor worship

            *D.      As long as they were considered a Jewish sect


 23. Early Christians were condemned for all of the following EXCEPT (9:H)

            *A.      Zealots

            B.        Atheism

            C.        Cannibalism

            D.        Incest


24. In the genealogy of Christ in Matthew it starts out with all of the following EXCEPT (9I)
            A.        Abraham fathered Isaac
            B.        Isaac fathered Jacob
            C.        Jacob fathered Judah

            *D.      Judah fathered Abijah


25. Tamar bore Perez and Zerah from what father (9I)?
            A.        Jacob
            B.        Isaachar

            C.        Joshua
            *D.      Judah


26.  Tamar was famous in the Old Testament for being a (9I)
            *A.      A Canaanite who played the prostitute

            B.        A Moabite woman

            C.        Originally married to at Hittite

            D.        An Egyptian seller of purple


27.  Rahab was famous in the Old Testament for being a (9I)
            *A.      A Canaanite prostitute

            B.        A Moabite woman

            C.        Originally married to at Hittite

            D.        An Egyptian seller of purple



28.  In the genealogy in Matthew who was explicitly mentioned in place of Bathsheba (9J)?

            A.        Phineas the Moabite

            *B.      Uriah the Hittite

            C.        Doeg the Edomite

            D.        Hadad the Ammonite


29.  Ruth was in Jesus’ genealogy and was most famous for being a (9J)

            A.        Prostitute

            B.        From Bethlehem

            *C.      Moabite

            D.        Canaanite


30. What do all four women in the genealogy of Jesus have in common (9J)?
            A.        All were immoral women

            B.        All were mothers of a special child

            C.        All were Jewish women

            *D.      All were connected with a foreign situation

31.  The four foreign connected women in the genealogy were connected with what covenant from the Old Testament (9J)?

            *A.      The Abrahamic Covenant

            B.        The Sinaitic Covenant
            C.        The Davidic Covenant

            D.        The New Covenant


32. What is the following quote called: “Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father…” (9K)?

            A.        The Abrahamic Covenant

            B.        The Church Covenant

            *C.      The Great Commission

            D.        The Sending of the Twelve


33. Who does Jesus compliment as having tremendous faith in Matthew (9K)?

            A.        A Gentile prostitute

            B.        A tax collector

            C.        A little child

            *D.      A Roman centurion


34.  Jesus commended what two foreign cities over Chorazin and Bethsaida (9K)?

            A.        Babylon and Nineveh

            *B.      Tyre and Sidon

            C.        Alexandria and Memphis

            D.        Athens and Corinth


35. Who were the early witnesses uniquely in the book of Matthew (9L)?

            A.        John the Baptist

            *B.      The Gentile wise men

            C.        The children

            D.        The shepherds who came to his birth


36. In the middle of the book what develops this theme of witnesses (9L)?

            A.        The demoniac of Gergasa

            B.        The feeding of the 5,000

            C.        The Sermon on the Mount

            *D.      The sending of the twelve


37.  All of the following show Matthew’s style of repetition EXCEPT (9M)

            A.        “Truly, truly I say unto you.”

            B.        “Blessed are the ____”

            *C.      Immediately Jesus …
            D.        “You have heard it said but I say…”


38. Matthew is structured around all of the following discourses EXCEPT (9M)
            *A.      The Sermon in the Synagogue
            B.        The Sermon on the Mount

            C.        The Sending of the Twelve

            D.        The Parables of the kingdom
            E.         The Olivet Discourse


39. What is “all Jerusalem went out to see john the Baptist.” an example of (9N)?

            A.        Synecdoche
            *B.      Hyperbole

            C.        Metonymy

            D.        Inclusio

            E.         Irony


40.  What is the hermeneutical principle that should be used to understand Jesus’ statement, “If you right eye offends you gouge it out (9O)?
            *A.      Don’t universalize hyperbolic statements
            B.        Take the Bible literally unless it is impossible

            C.        Focus on the major point

            D.        Don’t take the Bible too seriously


41.  What is an example of something that not be universalized from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount (9P)?

            *A.      All anger is like murder

            B.        All Scripture will not pass away

            C.        All people who fast are hypocrites

            D.        All people who are healed have faith


42. The statement “Judge not that you be not judged” is countered by all of the following EXCEPT (9Q)
            A.        Jesus rebukes the Pharisees as hypocrites

            B.        Jesus told the disciples not to cast their pearls before swine

C.        Jesus identified false teachers telling the disciples to beware of them

            *D.      Jesus said to turn the other cheek

43.  A child slaps his mother’s face and says she should turn the other cheek is an example of what kind of improper hermeneutic (9R)?
            A.        Hyperbole exaggerating a statement from the Sermon on the Mount

            *B.      Absolutizing a statement from the Sermon on the Mount

            C.        Taking the Bible literally

            D.        Synecdoche


44. What was used to show that one must be careful not to absolutize the Sermon on the Mount into a pacifist position (9S)?
            A.        Jesus condemned the Pharisees

            B.        Jesus rebuked Peter for using the sword

            C.        Jesus turned over tables in the temple

            *D.      Jesus leads in the battle of Armageddon


45.  What is hermeneutics (9S)?

            *A.      The study of how to interpret the Bible

            B.        The study of how culture impacts the Bible

            C.        The history that plays the background to a biblical text

            D.        The literary study of the Bible


46.  What theme is big in the book of Mark (9T)?
            A.        The theme of kingship

            B.        Jesus as the perfect man theme

            C.        The theme of Jesus as judge

            *D.      The theme of the servant


47. In the book of Mark what is often the people’s reaction to Jesus (9T)?

            A.        They reject

            B.        They follow

            *C.      They are amazed

            D.        They praise God


 48.  What was Mark’s connection to the apostles in the book of Acts (9U)?

            *A.      They met at his house

            B.        He served them food and wine

            C.        He originally showed them the Garden of Gethsemane

            D.        He was a blind person who was healed


49. How does Mark covertly introduce himself in his book according to some scholars (9V)?

            *A.      The disciples followed him when he was carrying a water jug

            B.        He is one of the aids at the pool of Bethesda where Jesus healed

            C.        He came to Jesus at night with Nicodemus

            D.        He owned the donkey that Jesus rode into the city



50.  Mark may have put himself into his gospel in this story (9V)?

            A.        A young man following Jesus down the Mount of Olives

            *B.      A young man running away naked as the guards grabbed his robe

            C.        A young man swinging a sword and was rebuked by Jesus

            D.        A young man hiding in the bushes when Jesus was captured


51.  Many of the books that were accepted into the canon of the New Testament on the basis that they were written by _______ (9W)
            A.        A prophet

            *B.      An apostle

            C.        Were inspired by the Holy Spirit

D.        A holy person


52.  What did Papias say about Mark writing his gospel (9W)?

            A.        Mark wrote from his home in Jerusalem

            B.        Mark wrote as the servant of Paul the apostle

            C.        Mark was known by all the apostles

            *D.      Mark was Peter’s interpreter


53.  In the epistle of 1 Peter, how does Peter refer to Mark in Babylon (Rome) (9W)?

            A.        As a servant of the Lord

            B.        As his secretary

            *C.      As his son

            D.        As his helper


54.  How did Peter die according to tradition (9W)?

            A.        He was beheaded

            *B.      He was crucified

            C.        He was burned alive

            D.        He was thrown into the ocean


55.  Who was John Mark’s cousin (9W)?
            A.        Silas

            B.        Philip

            C.        Peter

            *D.      Barnabas


56. What did John Mark do on the First Missionary Journey while traveling with Paul and Barnabas (9W)?
            *A.      He quit and returned to Jerusalem

            B.        He refused to share the gospel with the Gentiles

            C.        He was beaten and was unable to continue

            D.        He left for Egypt where he started his own church


57. All of the following were suggested reasons that may have prompted John Mark to quit on the First Missionary Journey EXCEPT (9X)

            A.        Homesick

            *B.      Was hurt and had to return home

            C.        Didn’t like Paul taking leadership from Barnabas in Turkey

            D.        Had problems with preaching to the Gentiles


58.  What happened in the end between John Mark and Paul according to 2 Timothy one of Paul’s last letters (9Y)?

            A.        The church at Rome tried to bring those two back together

            B.        Mark witnessed the death of the apostle Paul

            *C.      There was reconciliation between Paul and Mark

            D.        Mark repented and Paul forgave him