Name _______________________________________                                                   OT Lit [BCM 101]
Quiz #1:  Gen 1-25                                                                                                                           1/21/16—Hildebrandt

______ 1.  How much of Genesis 1-25 did you read or listen to in the last 4 weeks (give %)?
______ 2.  How much of “Getting Started with Genesis” did you read or listen to (give %)?
______ 3.  How much of video “4. Translations and Gen. 1” did you watch or listen to (give %)?
______ 4.  How much of the Bible in Five video by Tim Mackie did you watch (give %)?
______ 5.  What was Cain's famous response to God's asking him where Abel was?
                A.            What is that to me?
                B.            Am I my brother's keeper?         
                C.            Seek him and you shall find him
                D.            Let the dead bury their dead
_____ 6.  Which son exposed the nakedness of his father, Noah?
                A.            Shem
                B.            Canaan
                C.            Japheth
                D.            Ham
_____ 7.   When the divine visitors told Abraham that Sarah would have a son,
                how did Sarah respond when she overheard that (Gen. 18:12)?
                A.            She laughed
                B.            She cried
                C.            She pondered in her heart
                D.            She believed
_____ 8.  What criterion did the one looking for Isaac's wife use to identify which
                woman the Lord had selected for Isaac?
                A.            She had to offer him a drink
                B.            She had to invite him home
                C.            She had to offer to water his camels       
                D.            She had to have her face veiled
_____ 9.  Theologically how was Israel separated from the cultures of the ancient Near East?
                A.            Israel’s God traveled with them as they journeyed
                B.            Israel believed in only one God—monotheism
                C.            Israel coupled their religion with ethical concerns
                D.            Israel saw God as their king instead of having a human king who was god
_____ 10.  What Hebrew term divides the book of Genesis up into ten sections?
                A.            Berith
                B.            Imago Dei
                C.            Hesed
                D.            Toledoth
11.  In Bible-robics what are the 3 words after “God’s promise”  __________,  ________, ___________

12.  Write out the following memory verse: Gen 2:24     What translation are you using? ________