Mastering New Testament eSources

                                        by Ted Hildebrandt (2004)



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                Vocabulary Builder in sets of ten down to words used 9x in the New Testament
                   (See Vocabulary Builder text on the Mastering New Testament Greek CD)
                              (To download: right click and "save target as" to your device)

VocabBd-01 VocabBd-21 VocabBd-41 VocabBd-61 VocabBd-81 VocabBd-101 VocabBd-121
VocabBd-02 VocabBd-22 VocabBd-42 VocabBd-62 VocabBd-82 VocabBd-102 VocabBd-122
VocabBd-03 VocabBd-23 VocabBd-43 VocabBd-63 VocabBd-83 VocabBd-103 VocabBd-123
VocabBd-04 VocabBd-24 VocabBd-44 VocabBd-64 VocabBd-84 VocabBd-104 VocabBd-124
VocabBd-05 VocabBd-25 VocabBd-45 VocabBd-65 VocabBd-85 VocabBd-105 VocabBd-125
VocabBd-06 VocabBd-26 VocabBd-46 VocabBd-66 VocabBd-86 VocabBd-106 VocabBd-126
VocabBd-07 VocabBd-27 VocabBd-47 VocabBd-67 VocabBd-87 VocabBd-107  
VocabBd-08 VocabBd-28 VocabBd-48 VocabBd-68 VocabBd-88 VocabBd-108  
VocabBd-09 VocabBd-29 VocabBd-49 VocabBd-69 VocabBd-89 VocabBd-109  
VocabBd-10 VocabBd-30 VocabBd-50 VocabBd-70 VocabBd-90 VocabBd-110  
VocabBd-11 VocabBd-31 VocabBd-51 VocabBd-71 VocabBd-91 VocabBd-111  
VocabBd-12 VocabBd-32 VocabBd-52 VocabBd-72 VocabBd-92 VocabBd-112  
VocabBd-13 VocabBd-33 VocabBd-53 VocabBd-73 VocabBd-93 VocabBd-113  
VocabBd-14 VocabBd-34 VocabBd-54 VocabBd-74 VocabBd-94 VocabBd-114  
VocabBd-15 VocabBd-35 VocabBd-55 VocabBd-75 VocabBd-95 VocabBd-115  
VocabBd-16 VocabBd-36 VocabBd-56 VocabBd-76 VocabBd-96 VocabBd-116  
VocabBd-17 VocabBd-37 VocabBd-57 VocabBd-77 VocabBd-97 VocabBd-117  
VocabBd-18 VocabBd-38 VocabBd-58 VocabBd-78 VocabBd-98 VocabBd-118  
VocabBd-19 VocabBd-39 VocabBd-59 VocabBd-79 VocabBd-99 VocabBd-119  
VocabBd-20 VocabBd-40 VocabBd-60 VocabBd-80 VocabBd-100 VocabBd-120  

                              *.wav audio for building audio CD tracks (Mastering Textbook Vocab)
                      (if you'd like I can build you the CD and send it to you:
  (To download: right click and "save target as" to your device--large files. Chapters 1-16 make the first CD and
                                                             Chapters 17-28 the second CD)

First Audio CD Chs. 1-16 Chapter 11 Vocab Chapter 21 Vocab
Chapter 1 Vocab Chapter 12 Vocab Chapter 22 Vocab
Chapter 2 Vocab Chapter 13 Vocab Chapter 23 Vocab
Chapter 3 Vocab Chapter 14 Vocab Chapter 24 Vocab
Chapter 4 Vocab Chapter 15 Vocab Chapter 25 Vocab
Chapter 5 Vocab Chapter 16 Vocab Chapter 26 Vocab
Chapter 6 Vocab Second Audio CD chs. 17-28 Chapter 27 Vocab
Chapter 7 Vocab Chapter 17 Vocab Chapter 28 Vocab
Chapter 8 Vocab Chapter 18 Vocab  
Chapter 9 Vocab Chapter 19 Vocab  
Chapter 10 Vocab Chapter 20 Vocab  

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