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Jerusalem List of Sites

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 Most famous spots in Jerusalem
      Church of All Nations (Gethsemane)      
      Church of the Holy Sepulchre
      Damascus Gate
      Dome of the Rock shrine on Temple Mount
      Hezekiah's Tunnel
      Jaffa Gate
      Mount of Olives - in snow
      Western or Wailing Wall
      Citadel by Jaffa Gate
      South wall excavations - Second Temple Stairway
      St. Anne's Church by Bethseda Pools
      Via Dolorosa Station 1


A                                    Back to Top

      Absalom's Pillar
      Absalom's Pillar in Snow

      Absalom’s Pillar up stairs (W)
      Aelia Capitolina Gate below Damascus Gate
      Al Aksa East Side
      Al Aksa Front
      Antonia Citadel - Fortress
      Ararat St - Saint James Rd
      Area G – turn into (City of David)
      Area G – close up (City of David)
      Area G – from North (City of David)
      Area G – from South (City of David)
      Area G – overlook (City of David)
      Armenian Museum inside garden
      Armenian Museum – Street entry
      Armenian Museum – outer court
      Armenian Patriarch Rd – St. James Rd.
      Armenian Quarter SW Corner
      Armenian - St James Cathedral

      Ascension Chapel street entry
      Ascension Chapel inner court
      Ascension Chapel inside

B                                       Back to Top

      Bagel Shop on Tiferet Israel St
      Bethesda Pools - St Anne's Church
      Broad Wall from East
      Broad Wall from West
      Burnt House – Jewish Quarter

C                                       Back to Top

      Caiaphas' Tomb - Mt Zion (Western Hill)
      Calvary - Gordon's
      Cardo - Inside from South - Jewish Quarter
      Cardo - Madaba Map - Jewish Quarter
      Cardo - Old City north-side entry
      Cardo – Old City by Oil Well
      Cardo - Overlook from SE
      Cardo – Overlook from NW (Habad Rd)
      Cardo - Roofed area - Menorah
      Cardo - Shopping from S end
      Cardo – North end wall excavations
      Cenacle - Upper Room on Mt Zion
      Christ Church Entrance
      Christ Church Inside
      Christ Church Street Entry
      Christian Info Center – Omar Square
      Christian Quart Rd - Middle
      Christian Quart Rd – north – Pool Hall
      Christian Quart Rd – north end
      Christian Quart Rd - St Helena St
      Christian Quart Rd - St John Bapt
      Church of All Nations – Front
      Church of All Nations – North of (200 yards)
      Church of All Nations – South of (snow)
      Church of All Nations – Side Entry
      Church of the Ascension inside
      Church of the Ascension Outside
      Church of the Ascension street entry
            Chapel of the Ascension
            Christ Church street entry– Omar Square
            Christ Church outside door
            Christ Church inside sanctuary
            Church of All Nations - Mount of Olives
            Condemnation (on the Via Dolorosa)
            Dominus Flevit on the Mount of Olives
            Dormition Abbey on Mt. Zion
            Flagellation (on the Via Dolorosa)
            Holy Sepulchre (Christian Quarter)
            Nea Church Apse - east of Redemption Park
            Pater Noster - Mount of Olives
            St. Alexander’s – Russian- Muristan District
            St. Andrew’s Scottish Presbyterian
            St. Anne’s - by Lions' Gate
            St. James Cathedral-Armenian Quarter
            St. John the Baptist- Christian Quarter Rd
            St Peter Gallicantu - Mt Zion
            Tomb of Mary - Kidron Valley

Church of the Holy Sepulchre
      Adam’s Chapel
      Anointing Stone
      Anointing Stone - east of
      Anointing Stone - west of
      Catholicon -Navel of the World
      Chapel of the Cross Finding
      Chapel of the Crowning
      Chapel of Longinus
      Chapel of the Nailing
      Chapel of the Parting Raiment

      Chapel of St. Mary
      East of Anointing Stone
      Helena’s Chapel
      Joseph of Arimathea's Tomb
      Longinus Chapel
      North Hall north side - ladder
      North Hall South Side
      North Hall to Chapel of the Prison
      North of Tomb
      Outside façade - far
      Outside facade-close
      Outside façade – from convent roof
      Prison of Christ
      Roof of the Church
      South of Sepulchre
      Holy Sepulchre tomb entrance

      West of Anointing Stone

      Citadel Roof - inside overlook
      Inside Entry
      Inside Middle – West Side
      Inside Northwest Corner
      Inside Overlook – from roof
      Inside Southwest corner
      Outside Jaffa Gate view of Citadel glacis
      Outside Entry from Omar Square
      Outside Entry – Moat overlook

      Tower – Old City Overlook

City of David
      Area G Street Entrance
      Area G – close up
      Area G – from North
      Area G – from South
      Area G - overlook
      Area G – Silwan overlook
      Hezekiah’s Tunnel Entry Plaza
      Hezekiah’s Tunnel Inside
      Hezekiah's Tunnel - way to
      Kenyon's Wall - on way down to Gihon
      Kidron Valley - 50 yards S of Hezekiah's Tunnel
      Kidron Valley - 100 yards S of Hezekiah’s Tunnel
      Kidron Valley - 150 yards S of Hezekiah’s Tunnel
North End Entry - Maalot Ir David St
      Pool of "Siloam" - inside
      Pool of "Siloam" upper entrance
      Pool of "Siloam" street turn to
      Pool of Siloam - path south from
Silwan Overlook to
      Solomon’s Tunnel Inside
      Solomon’s Wall
      Tomb of the "Kings"
      Warren’s Shaft Entry
      Warren’s Shaft Inside

D                                          Back to Top

      Damascus Gate - Inside
      Damascus Gate - Outside
      David St - Christian Quarter Rd
      David St Entrance off Omar Square
      David St - Habad Road
      David St - Muristan District entry
      David St – Suq Aftimos into Muristan
      David St - Suq el-Attarin (Spice sellers)
      David St – Suq el-Khawajat (Merchants)
      David St – Suq el-Lahhamin (Meat sellers)
      David's Tomb - Mt Zion (Western Hill)
      David's Tomb - Upper Room Segway
      David's Tomb turn from JUC
      Dome of the Rock Shrine
      Dominus Flevit
      Dominus Flevit Entrance
      Dormition Abbey Entrance
      Dung Gate - Inside
      Dung Gate - Outside

E                                            Back to Top

      Ecce Homo Arch
      El Wad St - Western Wall Entrance
      El Wad St – north of Al Qattanin (Cotton Merchants)
      El Wad St - Al Qattanin Suq (Cotton Merchants)
      El Wad St - N of Via Dolorosa
      El Wad St – Street of the Chain
      El Wad St - Via Dolorosa

F                                            Back to Top

      Flagellation Chapel
      Four Sephardi Synagogues
      Freres St - Bab al Jadid
      Freres St - Casa Nova St
      Freres St - Latin Patriarchate

G                                            Back to Top

      Garden of Gethsemane -olive grove
      Garden Tomb Entrance
      Garden Tomb Inside Garden
      Garden Tomb Inside Tomb
      Garden Tomb - Nablus Rd Entry
             Damascus Gate
            Dung Gate
            Golden Gate
            Herod's Gate
            Jaffa Gate
            Leather Workers' Gate
               (=Tanner's Gate)
            Lions' Gate
            New Gate
            Triple Gate (=Huldah Gate)
            Zion Gate
      Gethsemane- garden of (Olive grove)
      Gihon Spring (Hezekiah's Tunnel)
      Gloria Hotel – up Latin Patriarchate Rd.
      Golden Gate - Inside
      Golden Gate - Outside
      Gordon's Calvary - across street
      Gordon's Calvary up ramp by bus station
      Greek Patri Rd - Casa Nova intersection
      Greek Patri Rd - Christian Quart Rd
      Greek Patriarchate Rd. – Middle
      Greek Patriachate Rd. – north of Omar Square

H                                             Back to Top

      Habad Rd - David St
      Habad Rd - Overlook – Dome, Church Holy Sep.
      Habad Rd - Overlook - Entry
      Habad Rd - Overlook - Old City – roof plaza
      Habad Rd - S End - Jewish Quarter
      Haram Entrance – Street of the Chain
      Herod's Gate - Inside
      Herod's Gate - Outside
      Herod's Paalace - Citadel
      Hezekiah's Pool
      Hezekiah's Tunnel Plaza Entry
      Hezekiah's Tunnel Inside
      Hinnom Valley - Bridge N Side
      Hinnom Valley - Bridge S Side
      Hinnom Valley - E Hillside down from JUC
      Hinnom Valley – intersection with Kidron Valley
      Hinnom Valley – 50 yards west of Kidron
      Hinnom Valley – Middle road crossing
      Hinnom Valley - Mamila Artist Colony
      Hinnom Valley S - across from dump
      Hinnom Valley S – looking down from dump
      Hinnom Valley S - Road to E 500 yards
      Hinnom Valley S - Youth Music Center
      Hinnom Valley - St Andrews construction
      Hinnom Valley - St Andrews in front of

      Hinnom Valley – St Andrews tombs
      Hinnom Valley - Sultan's Pools
      Hinnom Valley - W of Kidron
      Huldah Gate
      Hurva Square - NE Corner
      Hurva Synagogue Square from S arch

J                                                   Back to Top

      Jaffa Gate - Outside
      Jaffa Gate - Plaza W of Gate
      Jericho Road – out from Lions’ Gate
      Jerusalem University College on Mt Zion
      Jerusalem University College inside wall
      Jewish Quarter Road - N
      Jewish Quarter Road – S end
      Jewish Quarter Road – Cardo
      Jewish Quarter – Tiferet Israel by Bagel Shop

K                                                  Back to Top

      Kenyon's Wall - City of David
      Kidron - Hinnom Meeting
      Kidron - Hinnom Meeting S of
      Kidron Valley - 50 yards S of Hezekiah's Tunnel
      Kidron Valley - 100 yards S of Hezekiah’s Tunnel
      Kidron Valley - 150 yards S of Hezekiah’s Tunnel
      Kidron Valley – north of Hezekiah’s Tunnel

L                                                   Back to Top

      Latin Patriarchate – Freres Rd.
      Latin Patriarchate Rd. – Gloria Hotel
      Leather Workers' Gate (=Tanners' Gate)
      Lions' Gate - Inside
      Lions Gate - Inside S
      Lions' Gate - Outside
      Lions' Gate Rd - Jericho Rd
      Lithostrotos - In Sisters of Sion

M                                                 Back to Top

      Madaba Map in the Cardo - Jewish Quarter
      Mamilla Artist Colony - Hinnom Valley - north end
      Mary’s Tomb church overlook– Kidron Valley
      Mary’s Tomb church close
      Menorah - Third Temple on the Cardo
      Mikvah - S Wall Excavations
      Mosque of Omar – by Church of Holy Sepulchre
      Mount of Olives - Overlook - Snow
      Mount of Olives - Overlook – Sunrise
      Mount of Olives – Overlook – graveyard overlook
      Muristan Central Monument
      Muristan - Holy Sephulchre Entry
      Muristan – Inside Entrance
      Muristan – Russian Alexander Nevski Church
      Muristan - Suq Ed Dabbagha

N                                                Back to Top

      Nea Church Apse by east end of Redemption Park
      Nea Church Foundation - S Wall
      New Gate - Inside
      New Gate - Outside
      New Imperial Hotel Corner off Omar Square

O                                                Back to Top

      Omar Square by Citadel – NE corner outside
      Omar Square by Christian Information Center
      Omar Square - Latin Patriarchate Rd - Gloria Hotel
      Omar Square - SE Corner
      Omar Square - to New Imperial

P                                                Back to Top

      Pater Noster - Inside
      Pater Noster – Outside street entry
      Pharaoh’s daughter’s tomb (Zechariah’s also in Kidron Valley)
      “Pool of Siloam” inside (old identification)
      “Pool of Siloam” path to
      “Pool of Siloam” turn off Maalot Ir David Rd.
      “Pool of Siloam” road to south of
      Pools of Bethesda

R                                                 Back to Top

      Redemption Park inside W end
      Redemption Park Middle
      Redemption Park W end overlook
      Redemption Park from Wall Overlook
      Russian Church - St Alexander's

S                                                  Back to Top

      South Wall Excavations - Arab Palace east end
      S Wall Excavations – Arab Palace west end
      S Wall Excavations - Mikvah Tomb
      S Wall Excavations - Robinson's Arch overlook
      S Wall Excavations - Street under Robinson’s Arch
      S Wall Excavations – Street and shops
      S Wall Excavations - Second Temple Stairs to Temple Mount
      S Wall Excavations - Second Temple Rubble
      S Wall Excavations - Triple Gate (Huldah)
      Schindler's Grave
      Schindler's Graveyard Entrance
      Schmidt's Girls School - Nabulus Rd
      Shaban's Shop on Christian Quarter Rd
      Silwan Overlook - City of David
      Soccer field behind JUC on Mt Zion

      Solomon's Quarry - N Wall
      Solomon's Tunnel - City David
      Solomon's Wall - City of David
      Soccer Field S of Dormition Abbey
      St Alexander's Russian Church
      St Andrew's Scottish Presbyterian
      St Anne's Church - Pools
      St Anne's Church - Street Entry
St Francis West of Christian Quarter Rd

      St Helena’s Street
      St James Cathedral Street Entry
      St James Cathedral Inner Clapper court
      St James Cathedral outer court
      St James Cathedral inside
      St John Baptist on Christian Quart Rd
      St Mary's Tomb
      St Peter Gallicantu Entry
      St Peter Gallicantu Excavation
      St Peter Gallicantu Overlook
      Street of the Chain - El Wad
      Street of the Chain - Haram Entry
      Street of the Chain - W Wall Entry
      Struthion Pool - in Sisters of Sion
      Suq ed Dabbagha and Muristan
      Suq el-Attarin
      Suq el-Khawajat (Merchants) Entry
      Suq el-Lahhamin (Meat) Entry
      Suq el-Lahhamin – hanging meat
      Suq al-Qattanin (Cotton Merchants)- El Wad St
      Suq W of Damascus Gate

T                                                     Back to Top

      Tanners' Gate - Inside (=Leather Workers' Gate)
      Tanners' Gate - Outside
      Temple Mount (Haram)
            Al Aksa Mosque - E Side
            Al Aksa Mosque - Front
            Arab Museum – Moor’s Gate entry
            Dome of the Rock main entrance
            Dome of the Rock entry Steps
            Golden Gate Inside
            Mamluk Entrance
            N Central Walk
            NE Corner by Mineret
            NE Corner Walk
            NW Corner Walk
            Platform - Mid-E
            Platform – Mid-NE
            Platform - Mid-N
            Platform - Mid-S
            Platform – NW corner
            Platform – SE corner
            Platform – SW corner
            SE Outer Walkway
            SW Steps and outer walkway
      Tiferet Israel by Bagel Shop
      Tomb of David entrance
      Tomb of the Kings - City of David
      Tomb of the Prophets - Inside
      Tomb of the Prophets - Outside entrance
      Tomb of Zechariah
      Tranchard's Tower - Wall NW Corner
      Triple Gate (= Huldah Gate)
      Tunnel - Hezekiah's - outside plaza
      Tunnel - Solmon's
      Tunnel - Warren's Shaft

U                                                    Back to Top

      Upper Room - Cenacle on Mt Zion
      Upper Room Entry
      Upper Room - to David's Tomb

V                                                    Back to Top

            Tyropoeon (=Central)

      Via Dolorosa -
            Ecce Homo Arch
            El Wad and Via Dolorosa intersection
            Chapel of the Condemnation
            Chapel of Flagellation inside

            Chapel of Flagellation Courtyard
            Chapel of Flagellation street entry
            Lithostrotos –Sisters of Sion
            Sisters of Sion – entry door
            Sisters of Sion - Arch Chapel
            Sisters of SionStrution Pool
            Station 1 - Antonia Fortress
            Station 2 - Flagellation
            Station 3 First Cross falling
            Station 4 - Mary meeting
            Station 5 - Simon the Cyrene
            Station 6 - St Veronica
            Station 7 - Second Falling
            Station 8 - Daughters
            Station 9 - Third Falling
            Station 9 - Turn off
            Station 10 – Stripping (Holy Sepulchre)
            Station 11 – Nailing (Holy Sepulchre)
            Station 12 – Golgotha (Holy Sepulchre)
            Station 13 – Received (Holy Sepulchre)
            Station 14 – Tomb (Holy Sepulchre)

W                                                 Back to Top

      Wailing Wall Overlook (=Western Wall below)
      Wailing Wall- Close

      Wall E -
            Golden Gate – outside
            Lions’ Gate inside
            Lions’ Gate inside – S of
            Lions’ Gate outside
            N of Lions' Gate
            S of Lions' Gate
            SE Pinnacle
            Seam SE Corner

      Wall N-
            Aelia Capitolina Gate below Damascus Gate
            Damascus Gate outside overlooking Aelia Capitolina Gate
            Damascus Gate inside
            Damascus Gate plaza
            E of Damascus Gate

            E of New Gate
            E of NW Corner
            Herod’s Gate inside
            Herod’s Gate outside
            NE Corner Memorial monument
            New Gate inside
            New Gate outside

            NW Corner – Tranchard’s Tower
            NW Corner – garden area
            Park W of Damascus Gate

            Schmidts Girls School across from Damascus Gate
            W of Damascus Gate
            W of Herod's Gate
             Zedekiah’s Cave inside ("Solomon's Quarries")
             Zedekiah’s Cave outside

      Wall S -
            Dung Gate inside
            Dung Gate outside

            E of Zion Gate 50 yards
            Farther W of Tanner's Gate
            Leather Workers’ Gate – west of
            Nea Church Foundation under South Wall
            SW Corner  
            SW Corner Walkway
            Tanner’s Postern Gate outside
            Tanner’s Postern Gate inside
            Top of the City of David
            W of SE Corner
            W of Tanners' Gate
            W of Tanners' Gate 100 yards
            W of Tanners' Gate 150 yards
            Walkway W of Zion Gate
             Zion Gate inside “L” turn
             Zion Gate inside S Wall
             Zion Gate outside

             Zion Gate – 50 yards E
             Zion Gate – 200 yards E

      Wall W -
            100 yards N of Jaffa Gate
            100 yards N of SW Corner
            300 yards S of Jaffa Gate
            400 yard S of Jaffa Gate

            400 yards N of Jaffa Gate
            Jaffa Gate – W outside plaza
            Citadel just S of Jaffa Gate
            Just S of Jaffa Gate - 50 yards
            NW corner by new city

             S of Citadel Iron Tombs
             SW corner

       Warren's Shaft - Entry
       Warren's Shaft – Inside
       Western Wall – Close
       Western Wall – inside restricted area
       Western Wall - Distant from NW
       Western Wall - Distant from SW
       Western Wall - from Jewish Quarter Overlook
       Wilson's Arch – by Western Wall
       Wohl Archaeological Museum – Jewish Quarter

Z                                                Back to Top

      Zedekiah's Cave ("Solomon's Quarry")
      Zion Gate – Inside south wall
      Zion Gate - Inside Gate
      Zion Gate - Outside
      Zion Gate to Dormition Abbey walkway

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