New Testament History, Literature, and Theology
                  Session 17:  Intro. To John, Belief, Wine and Jesus as God
                                           By Dr. Ted Hildebrandt

1.  The fact that the author of the book beat Peter in a foot race to the tomb of Jesus
            probably shows who is not the author (17A)?
            *A.      Lazarus
            B.        Joseph of Arimathea
            C.        Nicodemus
            D.        John the elder

2. What very rare phrase/clause is shared by John and 1 John showing a linkage in shared
            authorship (17C)?
            A.        All that is in the world
            B.        Truly, truly I say to you
            *C.      Crossed over from death to life
            D.        That you not sin

3. What very rare phrase/clause is shared by John and 1 John showing a linkage in shared
            authorship (17D)?
            A.        All that is in the world
            *B.      That your joy may be complete
            C.        Truly, truly I say to you
            D.        That you not sin

4. What very rare phrase/clause is shared by John and 1 John showing a linkage in shared
            authorship (17D)?
            A.        All that is in the world
            B.        Truly, truly I say to you
            C.        That you not sin
            *D.      Having been born of God

5. What very rare phrase/clause is shared by John, 1 John and Revelation showing a linkage in
            shared authorship (17D)?
            *A.      Overcome
            B.        All that is in the world
            C.        Truly, truly I say to you
            D.        That you not sin

6.  Who was the father of James and John (17E)?
            A.        Zecharias
            B.        Jesse
            C.        Damaris
            *D.      Zebedee

7.  What was John by trade (17E)?
            A.        Carpenter
            B.        Tax collector
            C.        Shepherd
            *D.      Fisherman

8. What did John’s mother ask Jesus (17E)?
            A.        For help healing Zebedee her husband who had leprosy
            *B.      That her children sit on his right and left in his kingdom
            C.        That he come to their home and have a meal there
            D.        That she be with her sons in heaven

9. What does Dr. Matthewson think the number 12 represents (17F)?
            A.        Perfection
            B.        The number needed to rule a large group
            *C.      The people of God
            D.        The best size for a small group

10.  Who was chosen to replace Judas so there would still be twelve apostles (17F)?
            A.        Dionysius
            B.        Agabus
            C.        Jonathan
            *D.      Matthias

11.  In the New Jerusalem that comes down out of heaven in the book of Revelation what place
            do the twelve apostles have in that city (17F)?
            *A.      They are the twelve foundations of the city
            B.        They are the twelve gates of the city
            C.        They are the twelve walls of the city
‘           D.        They are the twelve windows of the city

12.  What statement gave James and John the title “sons of thunder” (17G)?
            A.        Shall not the ground open up and swallow them alive?
            B.        How long will it be before you silence the wicked?
            *C.      Do you want us to call down fire from heaven?
            D.        Shall we call down hailstones on their heads?

13. Calling someone “son of” could in New Testament times mean all of the following EXCEPT
            A.        An immediate child of
            *B.      Having the same destiny as
            C.        A descendant of
            D.        Having the character quality of

 14. Which church father was a mentored by John the apostle (17G)?
            A.        Papias
            *B.      Polycarp
            C.        Irenaeus
            D.        Chrysostom
            E.         Athanasius

15. P52 is a papyrus copy of ______ dating from about AD 125 (17H)?
            A.        John 1
            B.        John 13
            *C.      John 18
            D.        John 21

16. What papyrus fragment has a copy of part of John 18 dating from AD 125 (17H)?
            A.        P22
            B.        P37
            C.        P48
            *D.      P52

17. Where was John most likely writing the book of John from late in his life (17H)?
            *A.      Ephesus
            B.        Corinth
            C.        Rome
            D.        Antioch

18. Why did the author of the fourth gospel say he wrote the book (17I)?
            A.        To tell of the mighty works of Jesus
            *B.      So that you might believe that Jesus is the Christ the Son of God
            C.        So that all might hear of God’s redemption through Jesus the lamb of God who
                        has taken away the sins of the world
            D.        So that God might be glorified through his son Jesus Christ

19. To what did we correct the translation of John 3:16 in the King James version from “only
            begotten” (17J)?
            A.        The sole son
            B.        The divine son
            *C.      The one of a kind son
            D.        The firstborn son

20. How are the synoptic gospel miracles of Jesus different than the sign miracles in John (17k)?
            A.        In the Synoptics Jesus uses the miracles to prove his divinity
            B.        In the Synoptics the suppliants must be Jews but not in John
            C.        In the Synoptics Jesus focuses on doing miracles on the Sabbath
            *D.      In the Synoptics the suppliants must have faith prior to the miracle

21. How are the miracles of Jesus in John different than the sign miracles in the Synoptic
            Gospels (17k)?
            A.        In John the miracles are used to prove his divinity
            *B.      In John the audience believes after witnessing the miracles not before
            C.        In John Jesus focuses on doing miracles on the Sabbath
            D.        In John the miracles are preformed most on Gentiles and Samaritans

 22. In John what miracle does Jesus perform after his mother talks to him about it (17L)?
            *A.      The water into wine at a wedding
            B.        The healing of the blind man
            C.        The woman with a dead daughter
            D.        Multiplying food for the feeding of the 4,000

23.  Where did Jesus heal a lame man on the Sabbath in John (17M)?
            A.        At the Gihon Spring
            B.        At the temple mount
            C.        At the house of John Mark
            *D.      At the pool of Bethesda

24. What miracle of Jesus occurs in all four gospels (17M)?
            A.        The walking on water
            B.        The healing of the blind man with mud
            *C.      The feeding of the 5,000
            D.        Raising of Jairus’ daughter

25.  What was the question that opened the story of the muddy blind man (17M)?
            *A.      Who sinned this man or his parents?
            B.        How will this blind man see the glory of God?
            C.        Will this mud make this man see?
            D.        Is it right to heal on the Sabbath?

26. Concerning the muddy blind man what reason did Jesus cite as to why he was born blind
            A.        Because his parents sinned
            B.        Because he was born in sinful Israel
            *C.      Because of the glory of God
            D.        Because God had promised he would see the Christ

27.  Where did the muddy blind man have to wash the mud off in order to see (17M)?
            A.        The pool of Bethesda
            B.        The pool of En Rogel
            C.        The spring of Gihon
            *D.      The pool of Siloam

28. Who were Lazarus’ sisters (17M)?
            A.        Salome and Alexandra
            *B.      Mary and Martha
            C.        Mary Magdalene and Priscilla
            D.        Salome and Elizabeth

29. How long had Lazarus been dead when Jesus raised him (17M)?
            A.        One day
            B.        Two days
            C.        Three days
            *D.      Four days

30.  What sign miracle did Jesus do after his resurrection (17M)?
            A.        Feeding the 5,000
            B.        He healed a cripple on the Sabbath
            *C.      Catch of fish in Galilee
            D.        He made Thomas unable to speak because he doubted

 31. The Bible condemns ________ (17O)
            A.        All drinking of wine
            *B.      Getting drunk
            C.        Having children drink alcohol
            D.        Drinking wine in a religious context

32.  Why does Lemuel’s mother tell him it is not for rulers to crave beer (17P)?
            A.        Lest they become a fool
            B.        Lest they walk off the roof of the palace
            *C.      Lest they forget what the law decrees
            D.        Lest they are assassinated

33. What metaphor is used to describe someone who is drunk in Proverbs (17P)?
            A.        Like an empty wine skins that is worthless
            B.        Like a stalk of grain swaying in the wind
            C.        Like one dancing back and forth
            *D.      Like one lying on the rigging of a ship

34. What happens as described in Proverbs when a drunk person gets into a fight (17P)?
            A.        They fall down into a ditch
            *B.      They don’t feel anything when hit
            C.        Even a child can beat them
            D.        Their wife and family is ashamed of them

35. What does Proverbs say happens to drunkards and gluttons (17Q)?
            *A.      They become poor
            B.        They die young
            C.        They shame their families
            D.        They hurt only themselves

36.  Why did Paul tell Timothy to drink wine (17Q)?
            A.        To be hospitable to those he was staying with
            *B.      To settle his stomach instead infected water
            C.        To serve the Lord’s supper with wine as Jesus did
            D.        To help when he was traveling on the high seas

37. All of the following are types of wine mentioned in the Old Testament EXCEPT (17Q)
            A.        New wine (tirosh)
            *B.      Whiskey (oinos)
            C.        Strong drink (sheker)
            D.        Regular wine (yayin)

38.  In Acts 2 Peter defends himself saying he was not drunk with ______ (17R)
            *A.      New wine (tirosh)
            B.        Whiskey (oinos)
            C.        Strong drink (sheker)
            D.        Regular wine (yayin)

39. What was in the cup when the Lord instituted the Lord’s supper (17R)?
            A.        New wine
            *B.      Regular wine
            C.        Strong drink
            D.        Whiskey

40.  All of the following were not allowed to drink wine due to a Nazirite vow EXCEPT (17R)?
            *A.      Aaron
            B.        Samson
            C.        Samuel
            D.        John the Baptist

41. Where does the Bible teach abstinence from alcohol (17S)?
            A.        Matthew
            B.        John
            C.        Galatians
            *D.      Nowhere

42. What views did Cerinthus hold that John may have been trying to refute (17V)?
            A.        Jesus was a false prophet who taught his disciples to follow him
            *B.      Jesus was a man on whom the Spirit came so he could do miracles and leaves as
                        he dies
            C.        Jesus thought he was the Messiah but could not throw off the Roman yoke and so
                        died a failure
             D.       Jesus was made into God by his disciples who wrote legends about Jesus

43. What is a group that says Jesus is not Jehovah God but a god not the God (17V)?
            A.        The Docetists
            B.        The Gnostics
            C.        The Sunni’s
            *D.      The Jehovah Witnesses

44. What verse from John do the Jehovah Witnesses use to support their view that Jesus is lesser
            than God (17V)?
            *A.      Jesus said, “the Father is greater than I”
            B.        Jesus said, “I am the bread of life”
            C.        Jesus said, the Father would raise him from the dead
            D.        Jesus said, the Father knows all things

45. How does the Jehovah Witnesses New World Translation translate John 1:1 (17W)?
            A.        In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth
            *B.      In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and was a god
            C.        In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and was God
            D.        In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and became God

46. All of the following major translations agree with John 1:1 being translated “and the Word
            was God” contra the Jehovah Witnesses EXCEPT (17W)?
            A.        The New International Version
            B.        The English Standard Version
            C.        The New Revised Standard Version
            *D.      The New World Translation
            E.         The New Living Translation

47. When John says “and the Word was God” what is the Greek term behind the word “Word”
            A.        Xara
            B.        Pneuma
            C.        Theos
            *D.      Logos

48. All of the following statements are in John proving Jesus was God EXCEPT (17X)
            A.        And the Word was God
            B.        I and the Father are one
            *C.      I am that I am 
            D.        Before Abraham was I am

49. When Jesus said “Before Abraham was I am” that would have sparked what Old Testament
            story into the mind of every Jew listening to Jesus (17X)?
            A.        Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac
            B.        The Abrahamic covenant
            *C.      Moses and the burning bush
            D.        The prophet Isaiah’s prediction of the suffering servant

50. What to heavenly beings do when someone bows down and worships them as the muddy
            blind man did to Jesus (17X)?
            A.        They disappear and the person is left alone
            B.        They tell the person they were sent by God to speak to them
            C.        They mute the person’s mouth
            *D.      They tell the person to get up and worship God alone

51. What statement did Thomas make about Jesus’ deity (17Y)?
            *A.      My Lord and my God
            B.        Jesus Christ, our God and Savior
            C.        I worship you
            D.        How long, O LORD

52. In the book of Revelation what statement is made both about Jehovah God and Jesus (17Z)?
            A.        Almighty is he
            *B.      I am the alpha and omega
            C.        The Lord reigns
            D.        He is the Creator of all things

53. Both 2 Peter 1 and Titus 2 refer to Jesus as ______ (17AA)?
            A.        The beginning and the end
            *B.      Our God and Savior
            C.        I am who I am
            D.        The Father of us all